Affected by the typhoon "Concregulation" Qiongzhou Strait again stopped

  Southern Daily News (Reporter / Huang Xihao real-life / Xu Beibei correspondent / Guangdong Yuxin) reporter learned from the Provincial Emergency Management Department that is affected by typhoon "compliance" Return to Hong Kong to avoid the wind, the sea homework platform personnel evacuate. On October 12, the Qiongzhou Strait was stopped again. The Provincial Emergency Management Office reminded that if necessary, please do not go to the Qiongzhou Strait. Prepare the vehicles to the Hainan direction, try to adjust the itinerary, avoid the removal of other directions to avoid stacking, affecting travel. Tight at sea risk, the provincial three defense office, the provincial emergency management department, and the fishing boat that has returned to Hong Kong in the early stage of the Pearl River mouth, to implement the Hong Kong-long responsibility system, and do a good job in the recent response to the wind in Hong Kong.

Strengthen the safety supervision of merchant ships, promptly shut down the cross-sea route and the coastal tourist attractions.

It should be the land risks that the typhoon may bring, and the heavy rainfall should be done and the defense work that causes secondary disasters. All departments must seriously study risk, investigate and rectify hidden dangers, implement various safety prevention measures such as flood control.