Anheng Information: Help data elements circulation to promote the development of the digital economy

  With the deepening of digitalization, data elements have become one of the important production and life elements today.

According to the latest calculations of the National Industrial Information Security Development Research Center, it is expected that by 2025, the scale of China’s data factor market will exceed 174.9 billion yuan. As the core engine of the digital economy, data elements, as a new type of production element, can give full play to the value of data security. "The efficiency of data value release and the balance of data security may become the core competitiveness of the digital age.

Liu Bo, chief scientist and senior vice president of Anheng Information, pointed out that "activating the value of data while ensuring security is an important mission to give data security practitioners in this era. "A few days ago, during the fifteenth anniversary of the 2022 Anheng Information, Fan Yuan, chairman of Anheng Information, put forward four goals for the company’s next stage, including the goal of the data security strategy. On the spot," Anheng Digital Shield Data Security "is a new debut released by the first release of the 15th anniversary of Anheng Information. It is reported that shortly after the" Data Security Law "was approved in 2021, Anheng Information quickly released its overall data security solution.