[Pregnancy test stick light color]_Pregnancy test stick_Arthur_Cause_What’s going on

[Pregnancy test stick light color]_Pregnancy test stick_Arthur_Cause_What’s going on

After we suspect that we are pregnant, we will go to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick to test whether we are pregnant. The pregnancy test stick seems to play another important role in our lives, and it is precisely because of the pregnancy test stick.The reason is that we are gradually taking out the blood of the pregnancy test. So how should the pregnancy test bar test whether everyone has mastered it well, then let us talk about the lightness of the pregnancy test bar.

In addition, if it is an ectopic pregnancy, HCG levels may be low and cannot be detected by a pregnancy test stick.

To confirm the test results, be sure to see a doctor.

Many women want to know how long the pregnancy test can be tested and when it will work better.

Approximately, the correct time to use the pregnancy test stick is 7-10 days after the intercourse, and the urine test is preferably morning urine.

The longer the time after the intercourse, the more accurate the test will be.

Some pregnancy test sticks claim that pregnancy can be measured within 24 hours of the same room, which varies from person to person.

To see more accurate test values, it is best to test after 10-14 days after the same room.

Therefore, it is best to take a pregnancy self-test two weeks after the menstrual period is late, so that the results will be more credible.

Pregnancy test sticks One deep, one shallow, one shallow pregnancy test stick, one deep and one shallow represent what pregnancy test sticks use the single and multiple strains of HCG antigens in the device to combine with antibodies in the urine to show the pregnancy.

Many women use pregnancy test sticks to check whether they are pregnant, and pregnancy test sticks are mainly determined by looking at the control line on the stick.

In fact, the color of the pregnancy test stick will be as follows: 1. There is only one control line on the pregnancy test stick: it means that there is no pregnancy.

2. Two lines appear on the pregnancy test stick, that is, the control line and the test line are colored, and the test line is clearly clear: it means that you are pregnant.

3. No control line appears within 5 minutes on the pregnancy test bar: it indicates that the test is invalid or failed.

4. The pregnancy test stick is one deep and one shallow: Generally speaking, if the control line is obviously clear and the test line is very light, it means that you may be pregnant, not necessarily really pregnant.

In this case, you need to collect morning urine with a new pregnancy test bar every other day and retest it.

Therefore, the depth of the pregnancy test stick may be pregnant, but the results are not necessarily accurate, and repeated testing is required to conclude.

When you use the pregnancy test stick, you must choose to use it when you go to the toilet for the first time in the morning. Only the first time in the morning, the HCG value is the highest, and only in the morning, the test results are the most accurate.During the test, there is a deep and shallow situation, you need to test again the next day, or go to the hospital for a blood test or urine test.