Li Yuchun released the music short film To Girls to pay tribute to ordinary women in the epidemic

Li Yuchun released the music short film “To Girls” to pay tribute to ordinary women in the epidemic
On March 8, a custom-made music short film for the song “For Girls” written and sung by Li Yuchun was officially released.The female faces appearing in the short film are ordinary women in this special spring outbreak.It is understood that these real and moving photos and videos in the short film are all co-sponsored by the People ‘s Daily, the All-China Women ‘s Federation, the Ministry of Public Security and the National Public Security New Media Matrix, the National Health and Health Commission Administrative New Media Platform Health China, and Weibo.》 During the collection of festival customized music short films, more than 400,000 Weibo discussions and excellent female images recommended by all walks of life were produced by Li Yuchun Studio. On the memorable March 8 Women ‘s Day in 2020, this song was written by Li Yuchun.The sung “Give Girls” thank and salute all the brave and kind women in the epidemic!Li Yuchun also reposted it on his Weibo at the first moment of the “Customized Girl” festival customized music video, and the article said, “Which direction is this special spring?”Life, to?Live, Xiang Mo?People give love to girls, use the most moving?Smiles brighten the world.”For the creation of the song, Li Yuchun also said,” Harassment, aggression, violence, for a long time, all over the horizon, so many violence and crime news, the girls I saw were hurt, which made me veryDistressed.Many girls’ lives are in the struggle for self-independence. I hope that they will not be swallowed up by the maliciousness of the world, but will always stand in the bright place of the world and be soothed by love.”Sauna, Night Net Editor Liu Zhen Xu Meilin Proofreading Zhai Yongjun