“This……How embarrassed……”

Ge Hong was embarrassed,You’re not welcome,Pour out all the pills directly,Screen different medicines one by one、Divide。
Half an hour later,Ge Hong is saying:“Statistics are done,A total of three hundred and sixty bottles of Qi Gathering Pill,50 per bottle,half each,These one hundred and eighty bottles are yours。”Odd book
After I divide the Qi Gathering Pills,Ge Hong pointed to another pile of bottles and said:“This is forty bottles of Reiki Pill,20 tablets per bottle,This can only be taken after the innate state。Spirit Qi Pill is much more precious than Qi Gathering,One Spirit Qi Pill in the Secret Realm can basically exchange one hundred Qi Gathering Pills。Still the old rules,half each。”
Chen Xiu was thinking:“Fortunately, Ge Hong knew these pills,Otherwise I won’t be able to recognize!”
Ge Hong then took the remaining poisons、Healing drugs are divided equally,Chen Xiu also explained the effects of various medicines one by one。
“All right,Finished dividing the spoils。We can part ways,Otherwise I’m afraid I will continue to rob you!”
Chen Xiu naturally knew that Ge Hong was joking,If he is really evil,I can take advantage of my current injury,Kill yourself。
“and many more!”
Chen Xiu called Ge Hong,Seriously:“This time the visit to the Azure Cloud School,I owe you a favor,As long as it’s not for me to pay my life,I will do everything!”
“it is good,Maybe you will pay my favor soon!”
Chen Xiu was in shock,Ge Hong laughed because he left the cave,Disappeared into the night。
After Ge Hong is gone,Chen Xiu is to find a bottle“Rejuvenating Pill”,Pour one out and swallow it,Thought to myself:“Ge Hong said Huichun Dan is a low-level healing medicine,Injuries like me,One can cure the disease,I always see if it’s so magical!”