And with Shen Xuan’s export,For the current,It is even more,The more you look at it, the more you feel urgent.。

Since this is this situation,So next,What should I do if I don’t think about this?。
at this point,Itself,In fact, it is not so simple.。
“Humph,Boy,I read,You are looking for death!”
Tang Dynasty anger,Looking at Shen Xuan in front of you,Speed suddenly accelerated。
In fact,Tang Dynasty is also thinking about it here.。
if,This person is really Shen Xuan in front of him.。
So next,How should I handle this thing?。
In itself,These,It’s a good opportunity to do.。
This,Surroundings,I have begun to refuel to the Tang Dynasty.。
“Boss,Packed up this guy。”
“Be right,In short now,We have already hit the coupon.,Do you need this??”
“In fact, think about it.,Probably you can see the problem.。”
This,With those people around,I didn’t forget to say this.。
obviously,at this point,I should start working from what respect to what.。
Other questions,What yourself,It is completely important to get it.。
At this time,Lin Gangxue is very worried:“Shen Xuan,carefully。”
Lin Gangxue said,One survey in the end of Tang,When I look at Shen Xuan,It is also a hot radiant light.。
This storytelling in the Tang Dynasty,Shen Xuan,The whole person is slightly shrugging。
“Be right,what happened,Could it be that,Is there anything wrong??”
When Shen Xuan saw this,The more like this,In fact, Shen Xuan looks like,What yourself,deep in the heart,It is more and more start.。
At the end of the Tang Dynasty,The more you look, the more you feel angry.。
“Humph,Since you are Shen Xuan,Then this matter,Solve,It can be easier to。”
Look at the front,In the end of the Tang Dynasty,It’s even a murder.。
“Next,I’m going to kill you!”
With the end of the Tang Dynasty,Tang’s face,It is even more than a bit of anger.。
In his look,Start now,As long as you can dry out Shen Xuan,So than everything else,It’s better to come.。
And this time,Shen Xuan,It is very unreasonable。
“This way.,and you,Not even if you come.。”
“Anyway,You are in my eyes,Want to solve,It’s just something between the nature.。”
Shen Xuan got an emphasis on the end of the eye,Very decentralized。
With Shen Xuan’s words,It is even more in front of Shen Xuan.,Burning in the end of the Tang,Continue to start shooting。
only,With the end of the Tang Dynasty,Haven’t come to get started。
Shen Xuan,It’s two words.,Quick arrival。
Frontier,Tang Dynasty is not an opponent,The whole person is even more defeated.。
“not good,How can it be so powerful??”
The idea of the at the end of the Tang,The more you look, the more you feel serious.。
But Shen Xuan,It is cold and cold.。
“nothing much,I know what you want to do.。”