The color of the new era is the color of the cadres is "China Red"

Artificial intelligence reading: The new era is the era of strugglers. The new era gives the organization’s important position. As the working cadres of the new era, the important mission to promote the party’s construction, practice the party’s organizational route and management service cadres, is the party’s organization route and specific work. Practitioners.

In the new era, the company should talk about politics and customizes, faithful, and dedication, courageous, the principle, the principle, "China Red" is a firm political nature of the universal unswervirmed in the new era. "China Red" is a firm color of the faith of cadre. The organizational department is a political organ, and the formation cadres must be clearly polished. Building a letter to the belief, make up the spirit of the spirit, "pressed the rudder" of the steady thoughts ",", "the discord of the stall", always maintains a high degree of the party center, who is the core of Xi Jinping as the core of the party, For the party’s loyalty, worry about the party, for the party, for the people, Zheng, as the fundamental political, faithfully implement the organizational route to implement the new era, inherit the "China Red" red spirit, and do a firm working cadre of the new era.

"China Red" is the color of the unsolicited cadres. Sticking to the party loyalty to the party, be a firm person who is an ideal belief, always doing the loyalty "guard" of the party and the people. As a corporate cadre, no matter what the problem, no matter what the dilemma, there must be a heart that is contemplative with beliefs, silently dedication to the strength of the party. Hard hard work, carry forward the spirit of hard work, the old yellow cattle.

"There is no idleness of the organization", with a strong sense of responsibility, and willing to make a good quality.

The work of the cadres sometimes overtakes to the middle of the night, giving up the rest time to complete the job is a normal state, often the work in the hand has not finished, and there is a new job to do, and I will have forgotten the time.

But even in this way, the working cadres should also carefully treat every work, rigorous and serious, not perfunctory, learn the "China Red" red spirit, and make a new era to adhere to the dedication. "China Red" is the background color of the unclear cadres.

The working cadres should adhere to the principles, the awe of the party discipline, fairness, fair treatment of cadres, fair evaluation cadres, and promote the good traditions of the organizational sector and maintain the good image of the working cadres. Stick to the bottom line, not more red, stick to the moral bottom line, smear self-discipline, the heart is awesome, hold the tie, to be critical, lure. Establishing the right non-viewing, meaning profit, power concept, enhancement of immunity, the implementation of party discipline law, is a binding force of official rights, carry forward the "China Red" red spirit, strive to adhere to principles in the new era Stalanced cadres. (Zhang Wei).