Rural reply If there is a bundle or forced sales, it will investigate the company according to law.

  Xi’an Net News Netizen Message in Xi’an Net "Netizen Rumet" section said: Shen Zhou 2 and East Chang’an Street’s adaptive housing Space Star Garden natural gas layer obstruction The owner checked the model of the alarm of the model only tens of dollars! After the media reported that the property was receiving the Changan gas company, in the face of the owner asked Changan gas to say confiscation, push it in, and finally the property is voluntary installation, However, the outer packaging is not given away (this alarm is already on the gas meter when collecting house, the owner thinks itself), November 30th, also said that the natural gas construction team should detect each household. Gas pipeline, see if it is leaking, but to charge! Natural gas has not yet owned owners, this should be the branch business of gas companies! I hope that the relevant departments will pay attention to this charge. According to the question raised by netizens, Xi’an Net reporter to Xi’an Space The base management committee reflects the situation, recently receiving the reply: First, the basic situation of the citizen complaints 1 Natural gas card, and online model alarm price is only tens of yuan! .

  Second, the complaint report processing results First, the Chang’an District Market Supervision Bureau related business departments require that the property company will perform a fee in strict accordance with relevant regulations, and do a good job in the explanation of the owners.

There is no agreement in the purchase of natural gas alarms and installation costs in the home owners of the Aerospace Xingyuan Community. Second, the relevant departments of the Chang’an District Market Supervision Bureau shall order the property company to immediately stop the behavior of the owner’s mandatory or bundled sales gas alarm, and require the property company to seriously study the "Xi’an Gas Management Regulations" and relevant regulations, resolutely not allowed Force owners or bundled sales of alarms provided by gas companies.

If there is a bundle or forced sales, the company will investigate and deal with the company. The third is the issue of testing on November 30. It is due to some of the owners to move the natural gas pipeline, causing part of the pipeline that cannot be normal, natural gas companies need to be ventilated.

Due to some of the owners violating Article 41 of the Gas Management Regulations of the Xi’an City, specific testing costs requires the owners to agree with the natural gas companies and negotiate themselves. The fourth is that our base will be closely linked to the Chang’an District Market Supervision Administration, do a good job in price supervision, and ensure that the market is stable, and the people live without worry.

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