The campus is scratching "smart style" extracurricular exercise is no longer difficult

  Xinhua News Agency, on October 24th (Reporter Xia Liang) "Double Reduction" policy, subject training is strictly managed, and the campus sports ushered in the good.

But how to let "one hour of school sports" fall to practice is still a problem.

When the reporter visited Fuyang District, Hangzhou, the report was found that the local education department "Answeited Health" project has used intelligent sports application platform to successfully let school sports exercise no longer become parents and teachers.

  "It can be PK, but also view the school list" "Many fun sports, I have to do it again, and I will not feel tired" … In the Fusheng four small playground, talk about the new semester "sports operation "Different, students can’t stop.

  Ling Qingyan is a member of the Fuchun Four Team Jump Rope, and it is necessary to carry out a skipping training for at least half an hour every day. In the past, the teacher could only urge her through his parents, and now only one mobile phone is needed, and every exercise, the teacher can enjoy the bottom. It turns out that with the help of mobile phone cameras and a "fast number" software, Ling Qingyan’s skipping video will be automatically uploaded, and the teacher can view her exercise at the school. "I used to have a similar software with a card with card, but many parents directly write a number directly, to ‘confused’ us." Chen Qioliang, a head of Fuchun Four Sports Group, "Now this platform must face the lens, The video is automatically uploaded, fundamentally eliminates the falsification.

Fang Liang, director of the Fuyang District Education Bureau, said that although the safety of the students at least one hour of sports activities have become a hard requirement, the students passively deduct sports, sports activities are single, extracurricular sports is difficult to supervise, and their family school is difficult to implement Waiting for problems. "Sports education management data is insufficient, and physical education work supervision, evaluation and feedback lack effective starting, and students’ physical health monitoring is lacking in real time, which is the status quo facing the competent department. Fang Liang said.

  To this end, the Fuyang District Education Bureau took the opportunity of Zhejiang Sports Digital Reform, launched the "peace of mind" project, focusing intelligent digital sports application platform, providing basis for students’ sports quantitative evaluation and monitoring, so that extracurricular sports teaching supervision and management Really. Huang Fannong, responsible for providing technical support, Huang Fannong, said, platform integrated motion posture estimates, bone algorithms, etc., can accurately identify the type of motion made by the user with the camera.

"Taking skipping as an example, we can do physical identification, the system can accurately determine whether there is a rope on the hand, only complete the full skipping movement, the system will count, and the exercise judgment function has been effectively improved.

"On the platform, in addition to skipping, there are more than ten sports models such as sit-ups, opening and jumping, deep squatting, push-up, frog jumping, racing, racing the ball counting, etc., there is also a football kid, dancing miracle More than ten fun movements such as sitting box, stone scissors.

Platform Homepage also sets an isomed, and students from different schools can pass each other through the platform. After joining your school and class through real name certification, you can also participate in various sports lists.

  These interesting sports games let students become "moved" into "to move", and even parent-child relationships have improved.

"After each exercise has made the corresponding number, you can also get the medal, there will be a sense of accomplishment.

"Fu Chun Qi Chi Li Tiancheng said," Parents can only be accompanied by the former exercise, after this intelligent platform, parents can also participate, and they can be with Mom and Dad, especially. "After the opening of the sports class has become a consensus of the education sector, most schools in schools have guaranteed, but the school’s one-hour physical exercise is still not guaranteed.

The school sports teacher is insufficient, arranged, tracking, guidance is not from the heart; parents have been busy without a long time, long-term supervision is only a luxury. "Intelligent Digital Sports Platform makes physical exercise to achieve visualization, greatly reduced the burden of physical education.

With the precipitation of big data, physical education teachers can adopt teaching in class, so that physical education is more accurate.

"Fuchun seven vice president of directors said.

  Take Fuchun Six Small and Yu Dafu Middle School as an example, the two schools have become the first batch of pilot schools in Fuyang District since mid-April, and the former’s school-hour physical exercise completion rate is more than 85%; the latter is late from the beginning of junior high school self-study and academic Heavy, each class is not equal, but the individual class completion rate can reach more than 90%. "Sports Digital Reform is an important measure in our ‘peace of mind.

With intelligent acquisition means, the teacher can collect data from the real-time student sports data, the trend trend of the real-time student, and compare the content of the physical education in real time, thus adjusting the content of physical education in a timely manner, and the current effect is obvious. "Fang Liang said that digitalization makes sports and praises, I hope that the children in the whole district can benefit from it. It is reported that more than 30,000 students in Fuyang District have passed the platform for an hourly exercise. At the end of the year, the number of participants will reach 70,000.