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Pabanma, 1 group of 1 group of Ji Pile Community, Losza Town, Loza County, is one of the earliest people here.

She told reporters that the previous TV is broken, it is necessary to go to the county to repair. When the weather is not good, it takes the time to take nearly one day to handle it. At the beginning of the year, my TV signal was unstable. Now they will come, they are very convenient. "Now we will go to each village inspection equipment to run, always put the people in mind, actively take the initiative to provide the services needed for the people, and will implement the people’s implementation of the civilized practice center. During the time, we have maintained nearly 500 devices. In addition, in our county, the masses can make a single service in our new era Civilization Practice Station, we will be based on the masses Demand is sent to provide a practical solution.

"Yisii Zhu said.

Exploring the happiness on the pocket platform "" We may have only two weather, snow and rain.

"The Minister of Propaganda Department, the Ministry of Propaganda, said," There are 7 townships in Luoza County. The distance between each township is not close, how to provide better and more convenient services to the masses, it is all Explore things.

At the beginning of this year, we organize volunteers to understand the people in villages, listen to the voice of the masses, and listen to the people’s appeal.

In the past six months, there have been more than 5,000 volunteer activities, and the number of participants and the number of people are reached. "I graduated here in 2011. At that time, it was Shashi Road. After the rain, the road was muddy, inch is difficult.

Although the village is now coming from asphalt road, it takes 4 small and long.

In order to provide the masses with more convenient ‘Order Services’, we have opened a ‘mass point’ column in the county-level public platform. The masses in need can fill in the needs order directly on the mobile phone. Our background will be based on the services required by the masses. Type DVD to various new era civilization practice stations ("). In this way, the masses only need to move their fingers, they can get help in time, not only saving their road time, but also in the rainy season, to maximize their safety. "Speaking is that the deputy director of the Loss County Propaganda Department is invested.

Open the "Mass Order" section, the reporter saw the small page of the similar questionnaire survey with the column needed to fill in the brigade in Hand Tibetans, and the masses only need to fill in their name, phone and what they need. Ren Ren Renze told reporters that next steps will record the Tibetan version of the filler, refine the category of this page, so that the needs of the masses are clearer, and timely feedback to volunteers. Innovative Cultural Services Opening the Tenshal Tasting Class With the construction of Xiaokang Village, the people of the people here also cross the fire, and the family lives in a small building. The pockets of the masses, the pockets are rich, and the demand for spiritual culture is getting higher and higher.

Working in the city of Losza County, Pu Brun, who has never thought about it, the daughter can learn to dance at home.

She told reporters that her daughter always likes to dance, send it to the city to learn to dance, and a few hundred kilometers of mountain road let her make her.

Now, there is a free dance class in the event center, the teacher is still testing, very professional.