Comprehensive promotion of rural vitality needs which short boards

Original title: Comprehensive promotion of rural revitalization requires which short boards are replenished, and it is necessary to fully promote the revitalization of rural villages. This is the historic transfer of the focus of "three rural" work.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that "the village revitalization is not sitting in it, etc. Revitalize "makes a series of important deployments. To this end, from the perspective of deprivion of the campaign and rural revitalization, the "social short board" in rural areas, rural governance, social development and rural residents’ social concepts, etc., the implementation effect of rural rejuvenation strategy is deep and lasting Impact, it is necessary to make up as soon as possible.

  Human resource short boards brought about by changing population structure. The seventh demographic results show that my country’s rural population has dropped from 100 million to about 100 million in 10 years, accounting for the proportion of the total population of the country, decreased from% to%. Behind the rapid decline in rural population is a substantial increase in the floating population. In 2010, the whole country has separated from population and 2020, and it is increasing.

Although there is also the flow of urban population, the flow of rural population believes to occupy most. In addition to the reduction in population, the number of people in labor and the increase in the older population also affect the implementation of rural rejuvenation strategies.

The seventh sub-census results show that compared with 2010, the 5-59-year-old labor age population has dropped a percentage point, and the proportion of population of 60 and over the population rose a percentage point.

This data shows that rural resolution is facing the total population, labor age population and the old population "two less than a few" short boards, there is a social resource extrusion risk caused by output and expenditure.

Meanwhile, the seventh census data also show that, compared with 2010, the proportion of the population in eastern increased percentage points, down two percentage points from the central region, the western region increased percentage points, down two percentage points from the Northeast.

In other words, the population economically developed regions, urban agglomerations further agglomeration, underdeveloped areas, less urban agglomeration shortage of human resources in rural areas needed to revitalize rural areas become more pronounced. This age of the population, human resources shortcomings structural changes in the geographical distribution is not caused by external forces to increase input into sex work can change, the need for a series of social policy and industrial policy adjustments, increasing the amount of human resources in rural areas, rural optimization and regional distribution of population age structure and improve the attractiveness of the agricultural industry, to expand the rural market space, targeted to different development planning in rural areas and foster the revitalization of rural human infrastructure by enhancing endogenous motivation rural development. Filled the capacity of rural self-governance is not high country brings short board. Good governance is conducive to the rural village of natural resources, cultural resources, the aggregate effect of human resources, is an important guarantee for improving rural revitalization effect.

The village committee is a grass-roots mass self-organization, the villagers self-government is the basis of my country’s rural form of social governance.

The face of increasingly rich rural residents a better life and a higher standard of need, the village committee in the organization of farmers, capacity development of rural guide need to further enhance and achieve the form of village self-government, faced with the means of implementation of information technology, digital technology and other modern technologies It challenges as well as the rural community of individual restructuring impact, the effect of villagers’ autonomy and feedback more short chain.

These require the village committee in the organization and implementation of village self-government, we must resolutely and "other" "by" "should," thinking, social interaction relations doctrine, there is a landslide-prone public morality, individualism rising production development of negative tendencies fight, the ability to respond rapidly to improve the external environment changes and challenges of the market, boost confidence and comprehensively promote rural revitalization achieve common prosperity.

Nineteenth Party Report explicitly proposed to improve the autonomy, the rule of law, Morals rural governance system.

The vast body of rural revitalization of rural residents, rural governance body must also be the majority of rural residents.

The primary innovation of rural governance system is to mobilize as quickly as possible and to enhance the awareness and capacity of rural residents to participate in rural governance, achieve early participation, early treatment, early benefit. Villagers Villagers Committee to better play the role of leader, in strict compliance with the law and the rules and regulations, so that village affairs, financial disclosure, according to law the village; good consciousness of people, Appreciating, employment, play a grass-roots "self-taught expert" "earth scholar "and other skilled personnel and technology to lead the wealth exemplary role, to play the role of rural moral appeal of various types of advanced models, through innovative practice self-government, rule of law and rule of virtue, consciously guide the majority of rural residents to participate in village governance, to achieve good governance countryside .

  Padded brought uneven development of urban and rural social development short board. Unbalanced urban and rural development is a long-term issues and problems of social development in my country. Comprehensively promote rural revitalization, it is to solve this problem and the problem of significant action.

The total requirement of rural revitalization strategy is the industry thriving, livable, civilization, effective governance, a better life, due to historical and practical reasons, relatively urban, rural and backward development of my country’s more closed, not only the overall level of development is less than the city and balanced development of all levels and more inadequate.

For a long time, a lot of rural development in the context of mainly refers to rural economic development, on the other leg to stand on. This biased and unbalanced development concept can not support sustainable economic development in rural areas, resulting in an imbalance of rural and social development can not be corrected in time, the power and potential of rural development has therefore been shackled and arrested all the disadvantages.

Achieve rural revitalization, it is to change the past emphasis on economic light social development model, adhere to and implement new development ideas, and constantly strengthen the party overall leadership in rural development work, coordinate development of economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction and ecological civilization "five in one" of the overall layout, as soon as possible to change the imbalance of development in rural areas, efforts toward industry thriving, livable, civilized rural wind direction, effective governance, rich life ahead. Padded rural peasant mentality brings social attitudes short board. Homebody, content and so are our rural heritage has long been mental awareness.

In the era of farming civilization, this awareness is conducive to stable agricultural production and enhance farmers’ social adaptability.

But with the rapid development of industrialization and urbanization, agriculture as the primary industry, its value and significance in the national economy structure has been very different.

The new format of deep processing of agricultural farming, agricultural industrial park, experiential agriculture, tourism and other emerging, industrial and agricultural property as a second feature of the tertiary industry continue to increase and highlights. Rapid transfer of rural labor and long-term liquidity caused by empty villages, staying village Phenomena. Land abandonment and disguised abandoned, rural homestead and houses a large number of idle rural phenomenon also caused a waste of land resources and assets of rural farmers. Some farmers due to the traditional social values, on land, residential land, housing and other resources to the commercial capital of idle operators lack confidence, or reluctant to sign long-term hosting and operating agreements, on the one hand affect the commercial capital market to rural longer idle resources use, on the other hand also affected the farmers get their income from property. This is not a social concept shortcomings can be resolved in the short term, the government must rely on collective strength and rural areas, the use of a social credit system, eat "assurance" for rural residents to maximize the potential exploitation of land resources and assets of rural farmers, increase farmers’ property the proportion of income. Only by constantly experiencing the market value of wealth and social credit experience, farmerist to rural residents gradually weakened and dissipated, thereby facilitating smooth flow of rural resources channel integration, optimization of rural labor employment structure of the population, rich rural revitalization of industry options, enhanced capital under Township willingness rural revitalization of the vast space in order to further open.

(Editor: Liu Yuanyuan, Lephen Ling).