Stick to victory! "Dynamic clearing" is the best choice

  Since March, the national outbreak has the characteristics of many, wide, and frequent emergence. All localities have adhered to the "dynamic clearing zero" general policy. At this stage, "dynamic clearance" is undoubtedly the best choice based on my country’s current epidemic prevention and control situation. It can achieve the least cost and best results.

  Adhering to "dynamic clearing zero" can effectively maintain the health and safety of the people’s lives. Looking at the world, as of early April, a total of over 100 million diagnosis cases had exceeded 100 million, and death cases were more than 6.15 million; some countries that adopted the so-called "group immunity" and "natural immunity" caused the number of infections and diseases. -The strange circle of control "again … Focusing on the country, thanks to adherence to the" dynamic clearing zero "policy, the number of infections, the number of diseases, the number of severe cases, and the number of deaths in China have remained at a lower level.

  Always putting people’s life safety and health first is the primary criterion for judging the effectiveness of Chinese epidemic prevention.

Omikon variable strains have the characteristics of fast transmission and high infection rate. Starting from the large population base of more than 1.4 billion total population and the huge national conditions of the elderly group, if it is not strictly controlled and controlled in time, a large -scale rebound will eventually form. Medical resources will face the huge risk of "extrusion".

Adhering to the "dynamic clearing zero" is to maximize the impact and spread of the epidemic, minimize infection, severe illnesses, and death.

  In order to "dynamically clear zero", we can truly ensure economic and social development. We respect science, respect the laws, and make a special compete with the new crown virus, and finally formed the "dynamic clear zero" total anti -epidemic policy, and the guidance of this. Human shocks have been minimized, and the prevention and control of the epidemic and economic and social development are coordinated. Stick to victory! Faced with the ups and downs of this century’s epidemic test, any prevention and control measures will pay a certain price, but "dynamic clearing" can make us achieve the best results at the minimum price. The more severe the epidemic situation, the more we need to maintain a strategic determination, adhere to the "dynamic clearing zero" and not shake, and curb the spread of the epidemic spread as soon as possible! (Xia Weiyu, a special commentator of