[Love and sex hide such intricacy]

[Love and sex hide such “intricacy”]

Chinese culture is based on Confucianism and is based on ethics. Therefore, Chinese people always say love but are ashamed to talk about sex.

In fact, there is no good or evil in nature, and good and evil are in humans;

Although we are often silent about sex, the relationship between love and sex cannot be ignored.

They are like islands in the sea, with love above the surface and sex underneath.

Sex is both a potential source of love and its desired end.

It is the beginning and end of love.

“Sex blessing” or not, seemingly harmless, but often can lead to the demise of love, the breakdown of marriage, so we have to talk about, but also have meaning, this is a topic that cannot be avoided.

Studies have shown that men’s illusions about turning clouds and rain 34 a day.

2 times, excluding the 8 hours of sleep, about every 28 minutes; women will produce an average of 18 every day.

Six times of fantasies, except for the 8 hours of sleeping, is about once every 51 minutes.

It can be seen that sex is everywhere in our lives.

In addition to the frequency of fantasy, the peak demand for men and women is also different.