[Simple contraceptive method]_Contraception_How to contraceptive_How to contraceptive_Contraceptive measures

[Simple contraceptive method]_Contraception_How to contraceptive_How to contraceptive_Contraceptive measures

If couples are ordered by men and women, they must share the same room, and they must also have contraception when they do not need a child when they share the same room. Otherwise, the chance of each pregnancy in the same room exists, so contraception is the best birth control.Method, but when it ‘s self-confident, a lot of people feel that the self-confidence method is not easy to find. There are many self-confidence methods that have a lot of harm to the body. If it is not worth the time for contraception, it ‘s easyCause harm, so what are the simple contraceptive methods?

1. Safe period contraception: the success rate of contraception is 50% -80%.

Principle: Avoid sexual intercourse in the body according to the ovulation pattern.

Methods: Women with regular menstrual periods ovulate approximately 14-16 days before the next menstrual period of the budget. It is not safe for 3-4 months before or after this date. Other dates are safe periods.

Doctor care: Only for women with very regular menstruation.

During the ovulation period, there will be slight abdominal pain, bloating, transparent leucorrhea filaments, or a small amount of bleeding, and strong sexual desire, but other factors can also cause similar phenomena. Long-term use of this method is not safe, and the chance of pregnancy is relatively high.Big.

Male condoms: Confidence success rate 85% -99.

6% (Whether it is correct or not, the method of use determines the contraceptive effect)-recommended for men 2, male condoms: the success rate of contraception is 85% -99.

6% (Whether it is the correct way to determine the confidence effect)-recommended for men.

Principle: Avoid sperm and eggs.

Methods: Before sexual intercourse, the man puts on the genitals.

Doctor care: It is the most commonly used method among young people. The biggest advantage is that it does not interfere with women’s physiology and can prevent sexually transmitted diseases. It is a very practical method, but you must keep in mind that you must first confirm that the condom is not damaged or expired., And must be used throughout (before the contact between the two parties must be brought), otherwise it is very unlikely to achieve contraceptive effects.

The biggest obstacle to consistent use is that no matter how the size of the sleeve is improved, some people feel that this film affects their best enjoyment of sex.

IUD 3, Intrauterine Device (IUD): Contraceptive success rate is above 95%-recommended for pregnant women.

Principle: Prevent fertilized eggs from implanting in the uterus.

Method: Put it in the womb by the doctor.

Doctor care: The success rate of self-confidence is still relatively high.

However, the placement and removal of the ring require a certain operation. After the ring is placed, there may be a slight increase in weight, abdominal pain during menstruation, or burns, which are mostly postpartum women.

Attention must be paid to the hospital to check before the ring, there are gynecological mortality, irregular or excessive menstruation, women with genital tumors should not wear the ring.

4. Oral short-acting contraceptives: the contraceptive success rate is 99.

9%-Recommended for most women.

Principle: Use drugs to inhibit ovulation and cause changes in the cervical cervix.

Method: The first dose should be taken on the first 1-5 days of menstruation, one tablet per day, without interruption, the benefit starts from 14 days after taking.

These contraceptive methods are very simple contraceptive measures. It is convenient if everyone chooses these methods of contraception when contraceptive, and these contraceptive methods will not harm the body. On the contrary, it is best to lower yourself.When you take the pill confidently, many contraceptives are hormonal. If you take the pill blindly, it will easily cause great harm to your body.