The huge sword energy swept a huge gully across the front,Those who watched were stunned。

“Major Leo,I am here for a short break,Will leave soon!”
Leo’s voice rang。
But many people curse in their hearts,When was the Lieutenant Commander so strong,When we are fools?
But no one dared to say more,After all, Leo didn’t even get close。
Leo didn’t bother to care about them,After a 15-minute rest。
“Although the displacement of the operation fruit is strong,But the demands on the body are higher,I hope my life level can move further for half a day!”
long time,I’m afraid it’s enough to circle the Pirate World half a circle。
“Thunder Fruit,Don’t be eaten,Green Bull’s hope is on you!”
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First140chapter Magic Valley(5/10)
Waiting for Leo to get to Gaya Island,Actually two days have passed。
After all, there is a gap between the theoretical value and the actual value。
“It seems that continuous displacement is causing more and more damage to the body!”Leo sighed。
At first he rushed to Judicial Island,It takes only a quarter of an hour to recover completely,But the later he recovers more slowly,When he arrived in the business capital, he even took a rest。
Until the evening of the next day,Leo arrived at Gaya Island,That is the magic valley town。
When Luffy came here in the previous life, he met the black beard who was running away.,Met Bellamy。
Leo came to Magic Valley today,These familiar people did not show up,But Magic Valley Town is still chaotic。
Even more chaotic than the previous animation。