I felt that when she saw Qin Su, she felt that her beauty is better than the other party.,May be uniquely better than temperament。

But now look at the tempting and beautiful model of the other party.,Don’t talk about temperament,I am afraid it is plus her body appearance, but the Qin Su Ya Ya, at this time.。
“alright, alright,Cuihua sister,Don’t tease them.,Let’s eat first.,Take a meal, we should go back.。”
I heard Xu Ruzhen,Li Hui Feng found that it was already dark.。
He didn’t expect himself to suppress the time for the darkness.。
But thinking, I slept in Xu Ru’s house.,I have a lot of relaxation.。
“How is the body of Lin Manager??”
Li Hui has some unclear questions.。
After all, there is a little too much.,But in order to treat the other party,Also don’t have so much。
At this time, Lin Yu listened to this.,The original face is also a variety of volatility.。
“never mind,I feel a lot。”
“Hey-hey,Nothing,However, I always feel that there is no thing in your body.,I just put the poison.,But your body should be manufactured again.。”
For your own body,Lin Yuru, although he knows, but it is not too understanding.。
After all, if she understands it.,Then the family controls the techniques of these people, they can be cracked.。
“Um,It’s been coming over for so many years.,It’s fine,That set of silver needles is a serious treatment fee.。”
Xu Ru is listened to this.。
“Lin sister,You are so late.,Isn’t that you spend more than one million??”
Li Hui is a maximum of tens of thousands of pieces,I didn’t expect a silver needle to actually。
When it is easy to refuse the way:“Forest manager,This is too expensive.,I can’t afford it.。”
“It’s fine,What role does not play in my hand?,It’s better to give you more patients.,Along the time you save people, you will give yourself good.。”
Li Hui also wants to refuse,But Lin Yuru, I saw it directly a cold eye.。
Let Li will swallow again if Li speaks to the wind.。
“Ok,Since this,Then I can’t do it.,Waiting for me to let the sister give you some apple peaches.,Don’t eat more at a time,Step by step。”
It is a thousand pieces of apples that Xiao Yan said.?”
“Hey-hey,Yes,Maybe you can still increase prices over time,But I will plant so much.,So now I will go out and equal to less than one.。”
If it is,Li Hui Feng is so generous to recognize a thousand pieces of apple,Lin Ying is certainly will not believe,I will even doubt that Li’s brain has a problem.。
But now I saw Li Hui Hui to treat her treatment.,The green flanks in the eyes,There is also the other side of the knee.,The gas field that is emitted will let her know,Li Hui is not ordinary people。
“Row,Then I will thank you first.。”
This time Lin Yu is not asking Apple’s effect.,Because I have already eaten everything, I know everything.。
“Hey-hey,you are welcome,My apple is far from the silver needle that you give me.。”
“alright, alright,You both don’t worry.,You will eat something with Xiaoya first.,After eating, we go back.。”
Xu Ruzhen can’t see it.,Direct opening to make two people don’t welcome。
Li Hui said this,I am busy laughing:“Then let’s go back.,Not here to bother。”
Chapter 183
Chapter 184, Xu Laofu
When I returned to the village,Li Hui Feng discovered that there were many equipment in the village.,Mixer,excavator,Even the cement has prepared a one。
This speed is that Li speaks from the wind.。
Li Hui Hui returned to home and found that Dad is not at home.,I know that I have given yourself to watch the orchard.。