Just to the first traffic light intersection,Tailai pushes the door,骂 咧 巷 子 巷:“Zhao Hill,You bastard,Just fight people with more people,Feng water wheel flow,Now one person falls,See how I pack you。”

Liao Jie over white eyes,Waiting for the end of the traffic light,Never want to,The traffic light is still not finished yet.,Tailai is running back and running back。
“what happened,Isn’t it a wind water??”
“Turn it,But didn’t go to me,Some people caught two kids who came to the palm cheats.,Zhao half black eating black,Have a flying。”
Tailai wipes the cold sweat on the head:“Zhao Hishan although inexhaustible,But a martial art is not under me.,He is flying,I haven’t got bad for it.,This cheat is not。”
“No way,I really have a cheats of the palm?”
“Truly,One of the bodies is still practiced in the first few,Light power first,There are no twists of feet without twisting on the ten floors.。”
“Why don’t you fight?。”
Talai followed:“If it is not that he has too little experience in the rivers and lakes?,What easy is it easy to block?。”
It’s just like it.,Liao Jie in front of the road,Quickly walk towards the alleys。
“Hey,You don’t want to live!”
Thaila is up to stop Liao Jie,Just pulled your arm,The two meet at the same time。
Be a master,This person is not under me.。X2
“Prosthetic,What kind of way you are?”
“I will say it later.,There is still moving inside。”
Liao Jie’s breath,Be careful with wall corner,The probe looks in in the alley.。
Tailai praised mouth,A person,Two people slightly slightly,Kneeling in Liao Jie,I looked in the mountain.。

“Say,Where did you hide Yunlu’s princess??”
Alley,A man is two feet,Insert in the garbage pile,Know the shape of the street,He is Thai’s director Zhao half mountain。
Because it is a dragon set without a face,Liao Jie only looks at the sight,Slim, wearing a suite, looking at the thin height of a suit.。
Octagon,About forty years old,Face,Hand length foot,Press two young people to rub the friction on the ground。
Thin high name is the sky,Evil master in seven hundred years ago,Furthermore for martial arts,Found the tomb of the fire cloud evil disciples,Want to dig the thieves of the applause。
There is the princess and the four gods,Both sides a fight,Four gods defeated,During death, poke in the sky,The princess of Yunluo is blocked by the sky.。
but,The Tianhe and Yunlu Princess have served the world,More than eight hundred years older,Although the two parties,But they didn’t die.,In a state of being sealed。
last month,Wu Dehui and the sorrow were transferred to the mainland for business trips,It is the two people who are friction on the ground by the sky.。They misunderstand the tomb,Release the princess of the cloud,Also unlocked the seal on the sky。
A group escaped back to Hong Kong Island,The tail of the sky。
Wu Gong, Wu Dehui and the sake of the vitality,I thought I became a peerless master.,Going out to play handsome,Human Martial Arts Association,Then I was caught by the sky.。
“Big brother,Do not,Big 佬,Who is the princess of Yunlu?,We really don’t know.!”
“Yes,But the princess of the nightclub, I know a few,Big Brother, you are so prostured,They will love you。”
Wu Dehui and the sorrow are being flattering,大 大 求 求 放。
“nightclub,Where is it??”
There are many princess in the sky.,I am interested in this now.,suddenly,He heard the ears,Vague entertainment。
“who,Sneaky,get out!”
“Oops,He found him。”
Tailai is not bad,Raise your hand to catch Liao Jie,He looks at two thousand copies,Don’t forget to remind Liao Jie running together。
Touched empty。