However, winter food is indeed lacking,People who even feed the crochettes will be much less,So the stray cat also has a total of fine.。

The group suddenly made tightly.,Pull his trousers with paws:“Depth,This place a lot of wild cats,They see a little terrible。”
“It’s fine。”
I happened to have a few children ran over.,Zhou Dare to let them see you speak to the tree hole,These children’s naughty levels are approximately one tenth of Nang Ge.,Quite terrible。
“I’m going back。”
“Go slowly,Not sent。”
Zhou pulls the box to a walk。
Upper floor,Just one knock,Footsteps quickly。
Jiang Yi’s figure appeared in front of him,Smile,Old Zhou slowly followed the ginger。
“Hungry?Waiting for you to have lunch?!”
“not yet。”
“It’s so hungry, it’s almost.?”
“Morning eat more morning。”
“What to eat?”
Jiang Yan asked the backpack from him,at the same time,I wish the double also came out of the room.,In such a versatile look, I feel like I am a national treasure.。
When shifting shoes,Jiang Yan also looked at the door,But she is destined to see can’t see it.。
“Xiao Nan is coming back with you?”
“Why don’t you ask others to sit?。”Jiang Yi has some blame,“Should be sitting on the sitting,Last noon,It’s so big and old.,How can I stay in a lunch?。”
“People, my parents are also read.。”
Jiang Yi smiled,Looking back to old week and wish:“Don’t go to the rice,In this!”
After two people rush to the kitchen,She also tried to say to Zhou:“or,In two days, please come over and eat.,Our family is basically don’t leave relatives in New Year.,Ask a classmate to come home,Lively。”
Zhou Wear shoes,No sound。
Jiang Yu exposed the color of disappointment。
Rich dishes have been placed on the dinner table,The vegetable fragrance is full of the whole room,Have a warm feeling。
The group is not afraid of life.,Run to the foot of the foot,Jumping on the legs,Pull the edge of the table to watch,Firmly attractively pay attention to the attention of the double and Jiang。
“This cat is bold.!”Jiang Yu said。