The father of the military song Zheng Zhun: joining the Chinese, to make a sensation for the eighth year of the 100-year revolution (Photos) – Zhonghong Net

He is a contemporary Jie Er, after Xing Xinghai, another outstanding good composer is one of the pioneers of the Chinese communist revolutionary music.

He is the great Chinese composer with Mr. Zheng Qi, known as "the father of the military song".

Chinese composer Zheng Laozheng heard this name, I don’t know if your mind will remember the familiar melody: "Forward, forward, forward, our team to the sun, the land of the motherland, carrying the nation Hope, we are a uncomfortable power … "Singing it when he made a meal, put it during school, I listened to it when I was awarded by the National Day … The" Chinese People’s Liberation Army Army ", 100 years After a long time, the word song is one, the momentum is magnificent, and the luxury is a little tender, and the tenderness is hidden, there is an overwhelming moment. Today, let us know the great musician of the Korean, Yan’an in the revolution, with songs as the media, and start a romantic relationship. During the anti-Japanese war period, on the land of China, he made a peasant in the anti-Japanese struggle in Taihang Mountain; after the victory of the war, he said to his wife Ding Xi Song: "You fight for China’s anti-war, now the turn is independent of North Korea. Fight. " Then, they went to North Korea, where they created the Korean Army Song "North Korean People’s Army". Zheng Qi Cheng and Ding Xikong, the Youth Talents, I went to Yan’an Holy Land in 1914, Zheng Ruo became born in North Korea (now South Korea), Luo Nan Road, Guangzhou, North Korea, has become Japanese colony before he is four years old. His father has a strong family feeling, and the 4 sons will cultivate the patriotic, very tragic is that the three brothers of Zheng Qi Cheng have given valuable life for North Korea and China’s revolutionary undertakings. In the spring of 1933, his three brothers gave a command of the "Yi Dynasty" organized by the private anti-Japanese organization, which enrolled in the Korean revolutionary military school in Nanjing, China. The 19-year-old Zheng Lao achieved a batch of Korean youth and came to China since then. He uses spare time to learn music while engaged in revolutionary activities.

At that time, the "Yi Dynasty" gave him the mission to secretly sneaking the phone call. Zheng Lao Cheng is really a talented talented talented, he only rely on self-study, you can fly in Japanese, and study a standard English.

Once, the son of Guo Moruo and the Japanese lady saw Zheng Lailheng in the Tianqiao Theater. They exchanged with Japanese, Guo Moruo’s son said: "Your Japanese is really fluent!" The father of the military song is 1937 In October, Zheng Lun became the help of the Patrioter Li Gong servant, with the enthusiasm of the cavity, came to Yan’an, and later entered the Luxun Art Institute Music Learning.

Under the Baoda Mountain of Yan’an, he touched the scene, the creation of the desire is extremely strong, and the songs of the horse have made a song of Yan’an – "Yan’an 颂".

It is also the song of this kind of melody, attracting countless young people and went to Yan’an.

In the second year, Yan’an, who opened blossoms, Zheng Lao Cheng ushered in his love.

Yan’an music talents, the spring heroine of the love called Ding Xi Song, a authentic Chongqing spicy girl, 19 years old, she came to Yan’an, served as the fourth female team of the Anti-Japanese Military and Political University.

Ding Xi Xueong old man in his later years is such a scene of the scene that they first met: the spring night, I have a walk from the anti-big female classmate, walk outside Yan’an North Gate, first seeing a waist pen, the eyebrows are handsome And just stronger, the man wearing a yellow army coat, he is Zheng Lailheng.

In Yan’an, Zheng Zhicheng as an anti-big music guidance, often coming to the anti-big girl team to counseling them to sing, and the common language of the two is increasing.

Ding Xi Song and Zheng Lao Cheng Ding Xuesong noted that each anti-big meeting, the whole anti-large number of thousands of people sing together, Zheng Ruo achieved very investment in the stage, and even more obvious.

And his own voice is also very loud, from Korean songs, Italian songs, and then to English songs, he will sing, time long, Zheng Lao has become a musical talents who are praise in Yan’an. At that time, Ding Xi Song Sheng’s slim, long Xiu Xiu, never experienced love, this was attracted by this music talented. Zheng Laili knows that she likes to read books, and often gives her some cultural works, such as "tea blossom", "Anna Karlinina", will put a strip, write the title to her: Little ghost female officer.

After the summer, the two people came together to go together. "Tea Female" Zheng Ruo is very gentle, two people will walk together in Yanhe, talk, will always encourage her, it will say that her voice is good, belongs to the female amp, and will teach her to sing their hometown of North Korean folk songs .

Although Zheng Lao Cheng is a Korean, he finally joined the Chinese Communist Party in the Spring Festival of the Second year, which made him very excited, this is more close to lovers. That time, he wrote a "extension", "meatball warrior", "Message Alang", "New Mountain Song", "Production Rumet", etc., and sometimes a song.

However, the good is not long, this is a loved person in love, will face a very twist situation. The relationship was tested. When the great military song was founded, Yan’an established a special review institution. It is very strict for human investment in the national district. Zheng Lao Cheng from North Korea has also been suspicious. Due to the "Yan’an 颂", he also retained write. The heart of Ding Xi Song, who is a female captain, is also very painful, because of the organization and she talks to her, which is righteously hopes that she can carefully consider and break up is a smart choice. Although Zheng Ruo Chengding Xuesong couple did not find anything, everyone is in their persuasion, Ding Xi Song has a lot of pressure, even if the lovers are parked, but it is the Zhenglu, the revolution, and the trendy trend. Created the "Eighth Route Army Chorus"! "The Eighth Route Army Chorus" has a cavalry song, the artillery song, and the most loud of the "eight-way army", that is, the Chinese military song "Chinese People’s Liberation Army Military Song". This song was at the time in the Yan’an Forces, the director of the Political Department Xiao Xianghua, especially awarded Zheng Lao and the monster a red burnt meat. However, since the review of Zheng Lao Cheng has not ended, the two are very sad are very sad under powerful pressures.

Ding Xi Song took the pair of lovers, and the work of Shaanxi, Ningbian District, and Zheng Lun became the tutorial of Lu Yuru in Yan’an.

The two have not met a new year. It is unresolute that it will always be difficult to cut. After a year, she returned to Yan’an. She found the organization minister Chen Yun. It was very firm to tell him that Zheng Qifeng did not have any problems. She wanted to marry him. Chen Yun laughed and replied: "When you marry, your own things, organizations do not interfere, this is actually a silence they can be together. Ding Xi Song did not say that I took him directly to Zheng Qiji: "We get married.

"In the winter of 1941, this for the parallel lovers have finally been Xie Xian, Chen Boda sent an inscription:" I hope that there is a love in the world ".