All walks of life in Hong Kong have been praised: Olympic athletes bring positive energy for Hong Kong society

  On December 5, the Mainland Olympic University delegation ended his visit to Hong Kong exchange activities.

In just 3 days, the Olympic athletes are performing techniques in Hong Kong citizens, with elite athletes, share hardships with young students, bringing countless wonderful moments to Hong Kong society, full of positive energy, inspiring people Evergarting.

All walks of life in Hong Kong have said that the spirit of the Olympic spirit and the "Lion Mountain Spirit" of Hong Kong people have a common color, hoping that the public will be rooted by the Olympic athletes, chase the dream, and bravely.

  "During the epidemic prevention, this Olympic athlete can visit Hong Kong is really very rare. You can make Hong Kong people to see the level of elite athletes." China’s Hong Kong sports association and the Olympic Committee president Huo Zhenzhi said, thank you The delegation visited Hong Kong and believed that the delegation felt the enthusiasm and support of Hong Kong people. Hong Kong Sports Development is inseparable from state support, and it is expected that Hong Kong will have a more close relationship with the mainland in sports and work together to better achieve better results in the international sports.

  Madam President of the National Committee of the Ministry of CPPCC in Hong Kong, Zeng Zhiming, Chairman, Guangdong Youth Conference, said that the delegation has exchanged extensive exchanges from all walks of life in Hong Kong. "The road to win the championship, all the Chinese stories of the intestines, exciting people, is also a good textbook for patriotism education in Hong Kong youth.

"The spirit of the Olympic spirit" "Sharing the Olympic hard work" … the mainstream media of Hong Kong, the mainstream media in Hong Kong continued to track reports, "Olympic athletics" and other major broadcasts Sharing activities, panorama presents the wonderful performances and touching moments of athletes.

  The performance of the Mainland Olympic atherl was snapped up in a few hours. Hong Kong "Da Juan" issued a communal review that Hong Kong is in the critical moment of fighting the epidemic, the Olympic athletes visit the positive energy of Hong Kong, bring joy, more Reflecting the centrality of the central to Hong Kong. The Hong Kong "Wenhui Daily" commodity pointed out that the Olympic athletes visited Hong Kong to enhance Hong Kong people’s understanding of the mainland and raise the recognition of the country. The Olympic athletes are hard training, brave hard, and eventually gain excellent results on the field, and its strong will and struggle is moving. In order to imitate the vitality of Hong Kong people who have been difficult in the epidemic, make everyone motivated and inspirated.

  At the Hong Kong Sports Institute, the 19-year-old Hong Kong women’s table tennis player Zhou Yingshi once again saw his idol, the Tokyo Olympic Games table tennis men’s group champion Xu Wei.

Zhou Yingshi said that the last time I saw the national tennis player was at the Tokyo Olympics, Liu Guoliang, Chairman of China Table Tennis Association, invited the view of Hong Kong table tennis athletes. "Two teams in the same country took a group photo, the feeling is particularly good, especially people." Zhou Yingshi said that Hong Kong sports industry has developed in recent years, and many Hong Kong athletes have achieved good results. I hope that the mainland athletes will be more Come to Hong Kong to share exchange experience, which is very good for Hong Kong sports development.

  Hong Kong Artists Zheng Yuling and Wang Zulan have served as the host in the "Olympic University of Olympics", and the Olympic athletes work together to present a wonderful performance.

Zheng Yuling said that during the Tokyo Olympic Games, the national team seemed to be in front of TV sets during the Olympic Games. It is very happy today. Wang Zulan will upload to the Social Media with the Daege of the Olympic athletes, and the national team athletes are "our pride."

  On the last day of Visiting Port, Li Fengbin, the Tokyo Olympic Games, Li Wenwen, and Tokyo Olympic Badminton mixed double champion Huang Dongping came to the Hong Kong Jinjiang Association of Kwai Xing, Xinjun, cordial interaction with the folks.

Su Qingdong, Chairman of Hong Kong Jinjiang Association General Assembly, said that the three Olympic champions and the citizens have passed the spirit of struggle, and we are encouraged, "they endured the pain, not afraid of hardship, hard work, worthy We have studied. "The state arranged the Olympic athletes to visit Hong Kong, let Hong Kong people feel the central concern and the strength of the country." Zhang Zhongzhe, member of the Hong Kong SAR Election Committee, Zhang Zhongzhe, the Guangdong Provincial Political Consultative Conference, said that the Olympic athletes visit Hong Kong not only brings joy to the public And incentives, can also condense the people of the world to enhance the sense of belonging to the country.

  "The Olympic champion is a strong motherland. This Olympic athletes come to Hong Kong to show the intelligence of sports in Hong Kong, especially young people, to understand the mainland of the motherland provides a good opportunity." Ms. Shi Shi Shi, Hong Kong said that the Olympics athletes Hong Kong, the whole family opens "chasing stars" mode.

She also said that although Hong Kong has no snow, there are a lot of people who are as follows, love for ice and snow. The delegation brought Hong Kong athletes to obtain good news from Beijing Winter Olympics. I look forward to the Hong Kong team and national team athletes play out in the Winter Olympics, and I hope to have the opportunity to see the country in Hong Kong next year. Style. (Our newspaper Hong Kong December 7) (Editor: Liu Jie, Cui Yue) Sharing let more people see.