[Can I drink mutton soup for cough]_ Eat mutton_ Can you

[Can I drink mutton soup for cough]_ Eat mutton_ Can you

Now the mutton soup comes in winter and is welcomed by many people. It is also during the winter solstice that people who eat mutton soup are overcrowded.

People who eat mutton soup in winter can feel very warm, and the nature of mutton is mild. Eating mutton soup can achieve a good effect of preventing wind and cold.

And for people with certain diseases of the body, it is not possible to eat mutton soup, so can people who have cough symptoms on their bodies eat mutton soup?

Can a cold and cough eat mutton?

Mutton is hot and dry. If it is a wind-heat cold or a cough, it is definitely impossible to eat mutton.

However, it is not recommended to eat lamb for wind cold cough.

Cough is generally caused by upper respiratory tract infections, bronchial inflammation, and other problems. Mutton is hot, and it is easy to get angry after eating. It can cause irritation to the throat and cause cough, which will make it more uncomfortable.

Wind cold can not eat mutton. Lamb is rich in nutrients, but it is really a tonic, and the mutton is warm and warm. It is biased to warm and warm, and has the disadvantages of convergence. The cold cold eats mutton.Divergence in the early stages of a cold is difficult to cure.

What is better to eat with cold and cough? Steamed garlic water method: take garlic 7?
10 pieces, pat into pieces, put in a bowl, add half a bowl of water, put a rock sugar, put the stack on the bowl, put it in a pot to steam, change to low heat and steam for 15 minutes.

Efficacy: Garlic is warm, enters the spleen and stomach, lung meridian, treats cold cough, and kidney cough is very effective.

Sesame oil, ginger and scrambled eggs method: add a small spoon of sesame oil to the wok, heat the oil and put in the ginger, and slightly dip in the oil, then pour in 1 egg and stir well, eat it hot before going to bed every nightEat once.

Efficacy: Very effective for treating cold cough, and the cough is also relieved at night.

The method of steaming pears with peppercorns: Take one pear and cut it horizontally by the handle. After digging out the middle nucleus, put 20 peppercorns and 2 sugar candies. Put the upper part of the pears into the bowl and steam for about half an hourYes, adults can eat it once, and children can eat it twice.

Efficacy: Steamed pepper pepper rock sugar pear has a very obvious effect on treating cold and cough.