“Niu Huiling!Don’t pretend to be a good person。I find you?Where can I find it?!I tell you,This money must be returned。Let’s not participate in Wang Youcai’s affairs,No matter how much money this project can make in the future,This matter has nothing to do with us”Wang Youdao ran over,I took the phone from Wang Youcai and said loudly。

Wang Youdao said so,One is to tell his wife,This two is for everyone present。His purpose is clear,That’s two million,He must take it back。
“Wang Youdao!Listen to me。These two million,600,000 of which was earned when I was the chief financial officer of Dongsheng Group。The remaining 1.4 million,I am looking for my parents,And some of my sisters borrowed it。So this money has nothing to do with you”
“In the future, this money will lose money,Of course it has nothing to do with you,I won’t let you pay it back for me。In addition,I tell you clearly now,You are your official,I have my business,Let’s not interfere with each other。If you have to intervene in my business,Then we can only separate”
Niu Huiling finished,Without waiting for Wang Youdao to speak,Where I hung up。Niu Huiling’s words,Everyone in the room heard it,Wang Youdao holding the phone is dumbfounded,Did not speak for a while。
Anyway,They are brothers。Wang Youcai glanced at Wang Youdao,Speak softly:“Second brother!I’m not talking about you,Why are you so timid。This investment to open a hospital,Ersao specifically consulted her classmates”
“Moreover,The hospital we opened,I joined someone else’s name,It can be said that there is no risk at all。We only provide venues,Mention human resources,Everything else is done by the headquarters。You said you can’t do such a thing,What can you do?”
“OK,Don’t tell me yours,I do not want to hear。In a word,You open a hospital,My one million disapproval。Today, my Wang Youdao put the words here,Anything that happens to you in the future,Don’t come to me again”
Wang Youdao finished,Turned and walked out the door。It’s pitch black outside,Can be said to be out of sight。Listening to the footsteps of Wang Youdao away,Chen Yueqin can’t sit still。
The palm of the palm and the back of the hand are all meat,She will also remember which one。She took a breath and said to Wang Youfa:“you go look,If he wants to go back to the city,You just drive him。at this time,There is no car outside”
“Go quickly!Talk to him more on the road,It’s reliable to have money to do it,I will definitely make a lot of money in the future。Moreover,Who is Niu Huiling?,She can do business at a loss?”Song Fang smiled and said。
My old lady made a speech,Now my wife has given instructions。How dare Wang Youfa sit still,He hurriedly stood up,Hehe smiled and said:“I’m leaving”
Sitting on the kang, Wang Degui couldn’t help but frown。He is a little confused,This old couple,How did you goSZ,It seems that they have changed another person。
Wang Youdao walks with anger,It’s finally over。Although Wang Youcai feels a little unhappy,,But he is more convinced,His decision to open a private hospital was not wrong。
“Hey!Rich,Can I get some shares in your hospital?。Look at me and your brother,Now two people are guarding a farmhouse,It can be said to be hungry and hungry。Xueer is going to elementary school soon,The future costs will increase,You have to give us a hand!”
Song Fang took this opportunity,Said to Wang Youcai with a smile。Wang Youcai thought for a while and said:“forget it!Which of your little money invested in me,Has no effect。But the effect of this money on you is different”
“Ha ha!It seems that the third brother is really rich,I don’t want to help us at all?”Song Fang said,The tone is a bit different。