Chen Xiu suddenly thought of Ou Jianhua、The meeting between Qin Bodong and Ge Hong。

“Could it be that the gods they met are the same god——Ge Hong?
It’s really possible,not always!”
Chen Xiu can’t stop the curiosity in his heart:“What is the name of the fairy you met?”
Lin Han shook his head and said:“He didn’t say。”
“Looks like,Do you remember his looks?”
“of course I remember!”
Lin Han lying on the hospital bed seems to be in deep memory,It took a long time to say:“Some people you met once,Never forget!”
“You open the second drawer of the cabinet next to it!”
According to what he said,From the drawer, I took out a long leather wallet,I have been looking at the leather for some years。
“There is a portrait in the wallet compartment,You take it out。”
According to what he said, Chen Xiu found a piece of drawing paper that was folded in four into small squares from the wallet,Spread out on the counter next to it,I saw a robe drawn on the paper、Middle-aged man with half of his face wearing a felt hat。
“I seem to have met this person!”
Chen Xiu only thinks the people in the painting are familiar,I just can’t remember seeing it there。
“In order to paint his face,I deliberately spent ten years studying sketching,I drew the image in memory。”Lin Han said proudly。
Chen Xiu looked at the lines of the portrait,I really don’t know where his proud confidence comes from,I have studied sketch for ten years at this level。
Sure enough, talent in art is very important!