Liao Wenjie:(?beneficial?)

This house,In addition to his normal person??
Chapter 112 Here I omitted five million words
Will not hurt,Liao Wenjie feels no use,Ghost King, you think it is only,Legs grow on him,He said that it is comfortable that it is comfortable.。
Liao Wenjie black face,Every fall,Lyon will use a hammer to make up,Just like the iron。
Type iron is impurities,They played the curse。
Industry specializing in surgery,Lyon’s hometown skills are ghosts,Good at plastic wrap、Milk evil door theory,Exhausted curse experience。
Ghost Kings is the first time。
Although the experience is not very rich,Have nothing,But this is not affected by Lyon,He opened a small brain,For thinking,Broken,Only this can completely remove the curse。
so,He let Liao Wenjie interrupted the leg of Ghost King,Practice it by him a hammer,Anti-repeated,A little bit will curse the curse from the body。
Brutal,except him,Others don’t want to think。
Because of thinking,I can’t think of my head.,I really made him play some effects.。
Ghost king,I only feel that my legs can’t say.,Especially the moment of being interrupted,That is most comfortable。
The truth is similar to being bitten by mosquitoes.,Itch,Take nails directlyx,The pain is also comfortable。
Liao Wenjie,See it very clear,Whenever he interrupted the legs of Ghost King,There is a big black gas overdrawn。Just starting time,Behind the back,The more you have a dissolved,Well spray blocks can’t stop。
Plus, Ghost King, also said comfortable,He put down the scruple,The rhythm of the wheel ax is more。
ten minutes later,Paint black legs faded,By clear,Gradually change the skin color。
But at this time,Varying protrusions,Black curse rebound,Crazy rendering,Re-dyeing the ghost King’s legs into a paint black。
“Snapped,Actually there is such a thing!”
Lyon pulls sunglasses,Treatment failure is very uncomfortable:“Ager,Vigorous point,I don’t believe it.。”
“Wait a minute,Wait a minute,I want to let me breath。”
Ghost King raises his hand to stop,I climbed up from the ground,Twisted faucet,The big mouth is in the big mouth,Finally, it is probably a towel.,Get a big sweat。
“Have a rest,Ok, just come over,There is also more cool behind。”Lyon urged a sound,Today, this is not finished.,He and curse,Who is not good?。
“Can’t,Can’t,Bone bone is not prior,I am afraid of being dead.。”
Ghost King sweats,One side:“Not,I have previously have seniors in the same way.,Successfully removed the curse on my leg,Result of results,This is still long,Unspeakable,Bore。”
“Then you don’t say it early.?”
“Saying me, what is it cool??”
“Oops,You still have reason.,I can’t die today.。”