Tell this,Mock spirit,Yang god cannon never,This means rebirth。

And they are reborn with the blood of Xuanhuang,This Lin Bo is too far away.。
“real?Lin Feng?”Demon Ning Wen said a bright scorpion looked at Lin Feng。
“of course it’s true。”Lin Feng smiled and reached out,Sanzhuang blood flies out,Directly into the soul,Yang,Demon Three people,Suddenly three people are flashing。
Yuan Shen’s power festival skyrocket,It is a big holy point that has risen between the compassion between Kaibi.。
“Old,Old yang,Little girl,Not fast to send blood loss to the owner,In the future, you can encounter a big crisis, you can save you.。”Woman is unansee busy。
“Blood reminder!”
Tell this,Mock spirit,Yang,Magic Ning discolored,This is equal to the people who have been slavered in a lifetime.?
But very fast, the soul and the Yang gynen henity rose a thought,Where do you find such a master??
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Chapter 1,594 Danger
Lin Feng god:“Be unable to say。”
“Yes!”Wild nozzle。
“Plocking soul, see the owner!”
“Yang god cannon see the owner!”
Just at this moment,The Yangyu two people respectfully squatted on the ground.,I sent a bloody mark to Lin Feng。
“See the owner,You have to protect me for a lifetime。”Devil’s face reveals a charming smile,She is single knee,Everything goes deep everywhere。
Soon three light flying to Lin Feng’s wrist,Suddenly Lin Feng’s wrist glory,These rays are intertwined in void,It’s like a star of the Universe.,One of the radiance emerged。
“Hand of fate!”
Mock spirit,Yang,Devil looked at this scene,And they see many bloody imprints inside.,Dragon,Suzaku family,Dapeng,Fairy……Simply。
“All get up.,Good practice in this gourd,Don’t provoke this god tree,Trivial。”Lin Feng smiled and collected hands。
The soul and Yang god cannon stop standing up,Two people are full of smiles。
Fortunately, this time fall,Otherwise, I don’t know if I can walk into the circle of Lin Feng.。
In their view,At least a wasteless and fish and cold jade。
Devil is also standing,Beautiful scorpion,I don’t know what I think about.。
“All right,I went out first.,You practice well。”Lin Feng turned directly to it.。
“Old man,Unhappy,Unhappy!”The soul of the soul, the shoulder, the lower shell。
“Yes,Wasteless,Unhappy。”Yang god cannon also pats a wasteless shoulder。
“Don’t pull,I also join the owner.,I am more than you.,You are so friendly to join the owner.,I originally arrested the owner’s trial,The result is abused。”Was crashless。
“Ha ha……”The soul of the gods and Yang god cannon, happily laughed.…… Bloody sea,Chaos Snake Island is getting angry at midnight,A round of blood is hung in the sky,This round of bloody light is shrouded throughout the world,When the day is coming, it is most prosperous.。
At this moment, the entire chaotic snake island has changed more.。