The green planting of the Gongyuan Township of Puling County is busy "dress up" good scenery

Since the establishment of a livable country, Fuyuan Township in Pufing County has fully implemented a livable rural construction.

In the past few days, Fuyuan Towns actively launched villagers to participate in the formation of volunteer service teams, from the Township Township Road section to Shangchai, 35 public roads, a total of more than 3,000 yuan, more than 6 kilometers, in building green ecologyAn ecological benefit channel is opened in invisible while the barrier.

The road to the house is clean and tidy. The flowers of the flowers are bright, and the trees are green, the residents are fragrant, and the pilot hometown is under green, and the pen depicts an ecological rich people.New painting.

The iris is swaying in the wind, adding a beautiful landscape to the Township Township.In the future, the Township Township will continue to adhere to the concept of ecological priority, green development in the new era, and build a new journey of happiness in the happiness life under the joint efforts of villagers.

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