Building a Chengsheng in the Shanxi Coal Geological Bureau and the Provincial Geological Exploration Bureau

  Original title: Flooring, China, in the provincial coal geological bureau and the Provincial Geological Exploration Bureau, emphasized that the reform and activation power, promoting high-quality development of Shanxi Geological undertakings, the new situation, March 24, China Party Secretary, Nishi in the provincial coal Geological Bureau research, listening to the historical evolution of the bureau and the development of geological work in our province.

(Reporter Shi Xiaobo) On March 24th, the provincial party secretary of the Provincial Party Committee conducted a survey in the provincial coal geological bureau and the Provincial Geological Exploration Bureau and hosted a symposium.

He emphasized that in-depth study of General Secretary of Xi Jinping inspected the important instructions of Shanxi’s important speech, deepening the reform and innovation, and promoting geological work to better meet the needs of economic and social development, and continuously creating a new situation in Shanxi Geology.

The Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, the Secretary-General Li Fengshi, and Vice Governors He Tiantian participated. Geological work is an important award, basic work. In the provincial coal geological bureau, the building is listening to the construction of scientific and technological innovation platform, the development of coalbous exploration and development, ecological restoration, earth dishes, understands new technology of coal mine safety and new equipment, emphasizing the safety development concept, relying on scientific and technological innovation To enhance equipment levels and enhance rescue ability.

In the exhibition room, the building is in the history of the history of the coal geological bureau and the development of the geological work of our province, affirming the spirit of the majority of geological people, encouraging everyone to inherit the glorious tradition and make new contributions to the new era. In the Provincial Geological Exploration Administration, the building is in the province’s geological structure, mineral distribution, groundwater source and geothermal resource distribution and exploration and development. It is a major breakthrough in Heidian Town Dried Heat Rock. The Provincial Survey has built the first high-temperature test power station in my country’s Middle East, and the Lounan has made instructions on this work and gives guidance.

At the scene, the building has expressed intimate greetings to the first-line test power station staff, understanding the operation of the power station, pointed out that the smooth operation of the demonstration project has a signative meaning, to adhere to the scientific utilization, sustainable use, and strengthen research technology , Continuously improve the comprehensive utilization of geothermal resources. He also encouraged the development of the service area to strengthen the investigation of geological relics, cultivating the examination of the examination, geological tourism.

  Subsequently, Xiaosheng hosted a symposium to listen to the operation of the Provincial Coal Geology Bureau and the Provincial Geological Exploration Bureau, and pay tribute to the geological exploration work, and pay tribute to the country for the country for Shanxi. The building is pointed out that deepening reform is the inevitable requirements for building a new development pattern, and is the inherent requirement of high quality development of geological careers. It is necessary to comply with the development trend, firm reform, agglomerate reform consensus, gather reform, and further inside the energy. It is necessary to adhere to the correct reform direction, adhere to the country’s separation, share, study and research, through production research, change vitality, rehabilitation, and reorganize benefits.

It is necessary to make new mission in the new stage, through remarotive reform, better achieve functional responsibility and career matching, in order to support the province’s energy safety development, ecological restoration protection, geological disaster prevention contribution. It is necessary to strengthen the leadership of the reform, put the party’s leaders throughout the process of reform, and give full play to the political advantages, organizational advantages and mass work advantages of all levels, and constantly aggregate the positive energy of the reform.

The province’s geological protram should seize the reform opportunities, fully enhance the resource security capacity and service function of geological exploration, and create a new situation in the high-quality development of Shanxi geological undertakings, celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party with excellent results. (Reporter Yang Wenjun).