Central News Office: Resolutely disciplinary network loss of confidence to "rice" chaos will maintain high-pressure strict trend

Reading: Deputy Director of the Central News Network, deputy director of the National Net Letter Office, said at the National New Office press conference held on the 16th that on August 2 this year, CCTV News Network reported the Central News Network Office, national broadcast The TV Customs and other departments jointly carry out the "rice" chaos rectification situation, which triggered the hot discussion of netizens, and the relevant news sent multiple times.

In the future, it will be unremittingly grabbed, one grabbed, do not relax, maintain high-pressure strict trend, and do not acquire good results.

"The previous period, we set a large number of illegal accounts in the rectification process, which also included some of the accounts of some sneak artists and network large V, and the web is good, which also fully reflects the voice of the masses and expectations.

"Sheng Ronghua said," In general, we will combine the "three combinations" to strengthen the network moral construction, we insist on the ‘three combinations’, and the governance and the rules should be combined, strengthen the supervision responsibility of the department; The implementation of the responsibility combines it; there is another one is to grasp the construction and the governance to combine.

It is necessary to constantly adapt to the new demand for the development of the Internet, especially to pay attention to the online ideological leadership, value call, spiritual condensation and moral nourishment, and promote network civilization. "Sheng Ronghua pointed out that one is to promote the correct value orientation.

Adhere to the socialist core values ??to lead the online moral construction, education to guide the netizens to consciously resist the wise evil of the Internet, so that the correct value orientation becomes the mainstream of cyberspace.

The second is to implement network public welfare projects.

Use the Internet to broadly propagate public welfare concepts, good deeds, love example, and widely carry out network civilized volunteer services and network public welfare activities, and promote the formation of a network civilization environment that is going upward. The third is to advocate online integrity concept.

Continue to carry out positive propaganda of online integrity, advocate honesty and trustworthy value concept, and resolutely discipline the behavior of network incense behavior, widely condense the vitality of online integrity. The fourth is to improve the network behavior. Strengthen platform responsibility, guide the network industry to strengthen self-discipline, improve the network and uncivilized phenomenon complaint report mechanism, and in front, in the CCM Information Office, the reporting center, specializes in opening up the report, the focus is to report these aspects, let the content The behavior of virtue is "crossing the mouse" in the network space, and there is no place in the cone.

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