Comprehensive service support Sanya Economic Development Minsheng Bank Sanya Phoenix Road Branch opened

Minsheng Bank Sanya Phoenix Road Branch opened.

Minsheng Bank Sanya Branch is for map "The new intelligent equipment here is complete, you can handle a variety of business, and the environment is also open and comfortable …" In Sanya Phoenix Road Branch, the Sanya Phoenix Road Branch, opened in Jiyang District, Sanya City, is very popular, very Lively, Ms. Yao is pleased to talk about the experience of business here.

On the morning of May 21, Minsheng Bank Sanya Phoenix Road Branch officially opened, opened a new chapter of business development. It is reported that Minsheng Bank Sanya Phoenix Road Branch renamed the Sanya Jiefang Road Branch for Minsheng Bank, providing comprehensive services to Sanya’s economic development, the Branch finally locates the Sanya Central Business District, will provide customers with a more comfortable service environment and better finance Serve.

As a branch created by the Intelligent Hall, the business outlets have a simple and stylish environment, a reasonable layout, and a self-service equipment such as a smart teller machine and a large cash circulation machine. It has a relaxing area, a financial area, a public education area, and more.

At the same time, by establishing intelligent, experiencing, scene, reflecting humanized, diverse service features, providing professional, efficient and excellent financial services for surrounding merchants and households. It is understood that since its establishment in December 2015, the support has actively implemented the work deployment of the total, branches, practicing Pu Hui Finance, and the service area economy.

Vigorously support Sanya key enterprise development, surrounding tourist scenic spots, hotels, etc. Completion of the first land management assets in Hainan Province as the core of farmers, the development of farmers, and promoting the development of Hainan modern agriculture.

At the same time, the purpose of "convenience, Huimin, Ligin" is the first to go online to pay the gas fee payment service, and to make it easy and fast, there is no cash natural gas to pay business, and effectively solve the problem of community residents’ payment, truly "to speak with service, use Professional wins.

In the future, Minsheng Bank Sanya Phoenix Road Branch will continue to practice the service concept "for the people, and the people and the people", optimize the service model, give full play to the advantages of the innovative product of Minsheng Bank, and deepen the cooperation of political and silver companies to win, and fully support Sanya Central Committee. Construction of business districts, support Sanya local economic development, contributing to Hainan’s self-trade and port construction. (Minsheng Bank Sanya Branch) (Editor: Pan Huiwen, Jiang Chengliu).