Chifeng City: Sinking a line to protect the healthy home of the masses

Recently, the emergency epidemic in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, 43 staff members of Chifeng City Federation of Trade Unions immediately acted to report to 32 communities, and turned into community volunteers. Participants’ inspection, nucleic acid testing, policy promotion, information flow adjustment and other tasks Essence

Starting at 5 o’clock in the morning, volunteers of Chifeng City Federation of Trade Unions receive the corresponding materials according to their duties and prepare nucleic acid testing tasks on the day.

Subsequently, at each nucleic acid sampling point, the volunteers were clearly divided into labor, and the division of labor was associated with community workers at the venue layout, in -depth reminder, information registration, order guidance, detection assistant, on -site disinfection, appliance collection and other links. Personnel carry out code scanning, information entry, sample collection and other work. Nucleic acid detection sampling workflow and large workload.

In order to guide community residents to test safely, safely, and orderly, the volunteers of Chifeng City Federation of Trade Unions have told residents to maintain a good distance, wear masks, do self -protection, grasp the rhythm of work, and guide residents to queue in an orderly manner in a timely manner Essence Liu Hong, a member of the party group and vice chairman of the Chifeng City Federation of Workers, said that at present, under the initiative of the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, the city’s union organizations, trade union cadres and employees at all levels in the city quickly act quickly, and they are "guardians", "waiters", "promoted" "Members", perform their duties in their respective positions, and protect the healthy home of the masses.