[Caesarean section confinement recipe]_How to eat_How to make

[Caesarean section confinement recipe]_How to eat_How to make

After giving birth, mothers need to strengthen good nursery. At this time, they must pay attention to dietary nursery, eat more foods with improved immunity, try to be lighter in diet, supplement some protein and vitamins in time, and maintain optimismMentality, eat more foods with a prolactin effect in the diet, and start breastfeeding as soon as possible, which will help nurture your baby.

1. Appetizers: The first week after giving birth: refusing greasy, refreshing taste and correcting is a series of delivery methods. The mother will feel weak and have a poor appetite in the first few days after delivery.

If you forcibly fill up the heavy oily tonic food at this time, your appetite will even diminish.

In the first week after giving birth, you can eat light ravioli, such as sliced meat and minced meat.

Lean beef, chicken, fish, etc., fried with fresh vegetables, taste refreshing and balanced.

Oranges, grapefruit, kiwi and other fruits also have an appetizing effect.

The focus of this stage is appetizing rather than nourishing. A good appetite will taste delicious and absorb well.

Special reminder: foods that are too greasy can cause nausea. Maternal reduction of excessive fat may cause milk to become oily and cause diarrhea in the baby.

2. The second week of postpartum is to supplement blood: eat more blood-supply foods and supplement vitamins into the second week of confinement, and the maternal wound is basically healed.

After careful conditioning last week, my appetite should improve significantly.

At this time you can start to try to eat more blood tonic food, conditioning blood.

Apples, pears, and bananas can alleviate the symptoms of constipation and supplement iron. Animal internal organs are more likely to be rich in multivitamins. They are perfect vitamin supplements and blood supplements.

Special reminder: medicated diet can’t be prepared by oneself without knowing it. Please be nourished under the guidance of professionals.

3, half a month after the delivery of lactation: Do not discard the soup when the lactation is good. After half a month, the stomach capacity has increased too much, and the law of milk consumption and time has gradually established.

The mother’s milking rhythm began to increase in line with the baby’s needs, but she felt that the milk was not rising.

In fact, if the baby’s urine output and weight gain are normal, and there is quiet between meals, it means that breast milk is sufficient.

If you do n’t have enough milk, you can eat some prolactin.

Lactation should not only consider quantity, quality is also very important.

Traditionally, new mothers should eat more soups with high protein content, soups should be eaten, and the ingredients should not be discarded.

Special reminder: The nutrition is actually in the soup, so don’t use a large pot for the soup; don’t cook for too long, or the soup will become rough and difficult to swallow.

Maternal appropriately maintain the good habit of drinking milk daily during pregnancy and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

In short, eating well and eating right, even if you have enough milk, but also restore vitality and nutritional balance without gaining weight, this is the best confinement effect.