[Can the jellyfish be frozen]_Freeze_Can you

[Can the jellyfish be frozen]_Freeze_Can you

Jellyfish is a kind of food that many people like to eat, and it is also a kind of seafood that tastes more delicious and crisp.

Eating jellyfish often is of great benefit to human health. Of course, many people don’t know how to preserve jellyfish, and whether they can be stored frozen.

In fact, jellyfish can be stored frozen, but after freezing, it must be soaked for a day or two before eating.

First, can jellyfish be stored frozen? Jellyfish on the market usually put a lot of salt to prevent jellyfish from spoiling. Therefore, you can also wrap it with salt at home and keep it sealed like a pickle, taking care not to get water.

Such jellyfish can be stored in large quantities for a long period of time.

Or freeze in the refrigerator after drying.

The jellyfish must be soaked in clear water for a day or two before eating, otherwise it will be very salty.

Second, what to do with jellyfish heads? Whether jellyfish heads or jellyfish skins are repeatedly washed with water, especially those jellyfishes that have been simply pickled with salt, soaked with water. The soaking time is determined according to the actual salinity and personal taste (Up to half a day).

After soaking or cleaning, cut into shreds or slices (not too thin or too small), and then scald twice with hot water at 70-80 degrees, this is to remove its own fishy smell and also to heat it.

The water temperature should not be too high, and the frequency should not be too high, otherwise the jellyfish will be scalded.

The water in the jellyfish was then cleaned, but it should not be squeezed too dry, which would affect the taste.

If you want to cool, you can pour in an appropriate amount of vinegar for 15-30 minutes, which can further remove the fishy smell of jellyfish, and increase its taste and taste.

Third, how do you buy the jellyfish? The jellyfish that you bought back are carefully cleaned and removed to the sand and changed into knives.

Boil a pot of water at about 70 degrees (there is a small blister on the bottom of the pot), blanch the jellyfish head pieces in batches for a few seconds (discoloration and slight deviation), then take out the cold water and blanch the jellyfish head pieces in the cold water.4 hours (change some water halfway), wash off the salt of pickled jellyfish, white staff and other substances. The soaked jellyfish head should be passed with cold water to control the moisture.

Pour the shallot sauce on the prepared jellyfish and mix well.