Xiao Li how to say is also college students,There should be the bottom line in the heart.?”

“Hey-hey,Wife,This person’s morality is never seen.,Sometimes the more academic qualifications, the more you know,The bottom line is, the lower it.,New wife’s club, the university professor,I also gave you it.,They are all professors.,That academic qualification?
But dry is a beast thing.,You dare to believe?”
“What do you say,Do you want to tell us a woman??
I don’t want to enter the fire pit.。”
Wang Fumei is a bit worried。
Originally, she is very good, Li Hui,But by Xu Laifu said so,I feel that I should prevent the impulse of my marry.。
“Hey-hey,Do you think Ying Ying doesn’t know.?
The girl knows more than you。”
Finish,Xu Laifu is also washed and washed,Come back to pack dumplings with Wang Fumei。
“Forehead,The girl knows that you also let the girl with Xiao Li.?”
“Hey-hey,When you are not chasing your man behind you,,Did I know that someone chasing you will give up.?
The same reason,Everything looks at our own,I am,But the opportunity is created.。”
Wang Fumei is also a way to take Xu Laifu and Xu Yingying.,I can only let the two people have to make trouble.。
Li Hui is going out,It’s directly chasing it.。
Today, Xu Yingying also wears a knitted snow white sweater.,Plus a tight jeans,The length of the boots seems to be more gainful than before.。
However, the temperament of the student is still as always a clean and pure feeling.。
It’s just that the slim body of the other party suddenly hit a cold.,Let Li Hui’s unreasonable,At the same time, I feel some funny.。
Immediately take off the jacket,I am on the other side。
“You keep up with it.?”
Xu Yingying feels the temperature on Li Hui’s coat,I really want to take off,But she really feels a bit cold.。
“Hey-hey,This is not afraid that you do something.!”
“What can I have?,I have been walking out.。”
When I said this,Xu Yingying also couldn’t help but secretly looked at Li with the wind.。
She doesn’t understand her,Why is it from a small to a big way to like Li Hui,Perhaps it is always a child when I am a child.,Maybe it grows up.,Li Hui’s outstanding life is not to protect her.,Printing again and again,Let her not forget this person before the eyes。
“Hey-hey,Well,Then I will take you away.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,Xu Yingying cold road:“You have a girlfriend.,Go with your girlfriend.,I am alone, I will take my heart.,And you don’t want to be so good to me.,I will misunderstand,do you know?”
Xu Yingying’s words,Let Li Hui also a glimpse。
“Hey-hey,You always say that I am good for you.,But where is my good for you??
Why didn’t I feel??”
Looking at Li Hui’s expression,Xu Yingying is also angry。
“You are a big slag man。”
Finish,It is also directly taken off the jacket directly and throws Li Hui Feng.,Then I will go straight to the distance.。
Li Hui is looking at the other side of the wind.,I am afraid that the other party makes any ingredients.,Hurry and continue to pray。