Three-eyed green toad knows,I didn’t expect that I would easily succeed,Long tongue shrink again,I want to swallow this phantom in my mouth in one breath,Unexpected heavy shadow abnormal,Can’t even drag,Toad is a little flustered,Round belly,The mighty vitality comes out,The thick long tongue makes a crunching sound,Toad actually wanted to strangle the phantom,But the opponent’s mace has been smashed down。

The stick shadow does not seem to be long,But it has already reached toad’s head in the swing,Toad’s two huge eyes suddenly bulged more than doubled,The two front paws don’t know what they have touched,To spare the old life and go inside,Dull roar,The big toad was shocked and flew far away,That long tongue like a python suddenly shrank without a trace。
But the ghost hasn’t had time to stop Jia Chou,The extremely ugly singing was interrupted,The dazzling red light faded suddenly,There is already a second thigh stretching out in the fissure in the boiling space like a fountain,But as the singing stopped, I had to stop,The huge feet that were about to be stepped on for the third time on the ruins of the underground palace suddenly stopped in mid-air.。
The sudden silence lasted only two breaths,There was a palpitating shock from under the ground,Immediately after the passageway, countless rocks and smoke were ejected,Like a fountain,Powerful airflow,Even the three-eyed toad was trapped in it,Being squirted far away。
The giant palm protruding from the dark clouds finally crashed down for the third time,The umbrella-shaped array completely collapsed,Not only that,A long furry arm stretched out from the dark clouds,As thick as that leg,The black hairs are like barbs all over the arm.,Five long claws resemble the legendary Five Finger Mountain,Grab it according to the lonely eight-sided purple gold mace in the ruins of the underground palace。
An extremely dazzling lightning pierced the sky,Then there was a thunder,The grip of the purple gold mace unexpectedly released an orange light and shook away the rough giant claws.,The purple gold mace swayed and roared like alive,Clearly felt threatened。
The fierce fighting deep in the ruins of the underground palace has stopped,The black shadow looked at Jia Chou who could hardly stand up again with a vicious look.,The summoning ceremony was interrupted,Great influence on it,Yuanshen suffered heavy losses,Cracks appeared in the altar that was originally integrated,And the spatial fissure where the water waves surged above the head gradually calmed down,Thick blood-red legs and upper arms protruding from the cracks,Unspeakable weirdness and horror。
Dark shadow,I turned my hand and grabbed a black dagger,Cut my wrist without hesitation,Red blood gushing out,All dripped on the dagger,The dagger squirmed suddenly,Devouring blood crazily,It will be more than doubled in a short while。
The blood-fed dagger glowed dark red,Buzzing and making a terrible neigh,Sombra again dripped the blood from his wrist on the altar,Just give up。
At this time, Jia Chou is dying,The soul was shattered,The body is gradually losing its vitality,Even if Da Luo Jinxian and the Emperor appear,It’s hard to save his fast-dead life,He desperately died of the phantom that is not weaker than him,No more regrets,Even if there is,It’s just that he can’t return to the God Realm anymore,I will never see the partners who have fought together,The glory of the Temple of War has always been his pride,Pride will accompany him to sleep。
But the dying Jia Chou saw a bloodthirsty look,Made him feel a kind of heart palpitations that he has never had before,Something bad must happen,However, his thinking is already very slow,Watching the dark shadow slowly squatting down beside him with a dagger,The palm full of blood scent pressed against his forehead,Then he sent the jet-black dagger inch by inch into his chest。
Just a hesitation,Everything is late,The palm seals Jiachou’s god、Spirit,The remaining vitality and the primordial spirit shattered like shadows are also frozen together,I can’t even blew myself up,A golden light、The still beating heart was dug out by that jet black dagger。
There is a heart of true god on the altar,Sombra once again performed an unknown dance,Unintelligible words chanted crazy in the mouth,Sometimes high,Sometimes low,Roar like a beast,Devil May Cry,So the altar glowed red again,Water waves gush out again from the pool that has just been silent。