Qi Ya Nova,“Be right,We have one……”Thinking of now is2000year,Qi Yana has changed again:“We will definitely build a place where http://www.shexiangge.cn you can live safely.。”

Qi Yanna bent over and little girls talk,Han Jiang sweeps out a lot“familiar”Man。
Director of the Teaching Department of Santa Feria School,Captain of the Academy Guard,There are still several doctors in the school hospital with gentle heart.。
Can find familiar shadows on these children,Using data vision,Those people in the school,All these children have grown up。
De Lisa and Patrick stand on one side,De Lisa asked frowned:“Where is these children come?,Why is it closed here?。”
Patrick has turned off the personal terminal,Interpretation of De Lisa:“Displayed from the Babylon Laboratory,They are……”
Patrick hesitated,Then:“They are the experimoctures used by the most advanced experiments.,so……There is no problem in our task.……necessary。”
“Every year, it will launch a Zun.,There http://www.kangliex.cn will be thousands of children to accept such experiments.,Because she is an orphan,so……You know。”
De Lisa sighed,Because they are experimental,Therefore, there is no mention in the task information.。
“Do not,No one cares about them.,At least I will!”De Lisa firmly said to Patrick:“I want to take children.,Take them to safe place。”
“De Lisa,You are in violation of regulations,according to rules,The body of these experimental injections of the body,They must be sent back to the headquarters!”
De Lisa asked:“Do you let them continue to do experiments that may be lost at any time??”
“Not long ago, I applied to the Archbishop of Artificial Island to the Board.,I will quietly put these girls who are treated as an experimenter.,There are also some children who are collapsed and then homeless.。”
“I will give them time.,Let them master the strength of the body,One day,They can also become the god of women,Or life like normal people。”
Patrick I don’t know what should I say to De Lisa?,De Lisa and the captain of Cesecia’s private hand,Several players in the Snow Wolf team are not general。
This kind of call should not be said,This already opposes the meaning of the big bishop.。
“You can’t say these words.!”Patrick looked at Han Jiang and Qiana, who said in the eye and the children.,“Do you know this kind of saying??”
De Lisa did not go to Patrick’s advice,Continue asking:“Last year,The reason why the Snow Wolf team is almost disbanded,You must know it.?”
“Cesisilia is a very cute,Very smart daughter,I am only one year old now than two years old.,She called aunt,I feel that my heart is about to,The first time I realized that I was not a child.。”
“Since Qi Yana is born,I think about this world.,How many families are broken because of collapse,So I have an idea that builds a child,Children are the future of this world,Not a certain experiment or something else!”
Patrick has been in silence,It is not right in L’Lisa.,She is willing to see such a de Lisa,I also want to help De Lisa。
Can be a headquarters,One side is a friend’s idea,The most important thing is to solve the Babylon laboratory“Ghost event”。
As long as the problem is solved,In order to secretly transfer all of these children,How many children can be saved?,Only try to do our best。
Chapter 417 If you don’t listen to her
After talking to Patrick,De Lisa arrived in front of the children。
“Can you take a few days here?,After that, I will take you out.。”
“I will establish a school,Let everyone go back into school,Learn a variety of knowledge,Those who have the ability, we will arrange her to become a female Wuhen,For general, you can learn other things.。”
“Please believe me,Let’s come with me first.。”De Lisa expose its own smile as much as possible,Said to the children。
Children look at each other with each other,If you really have such a place,And you can live too well.。
“……It’s really beautiful.……”
A sudden sound appears in the dialogue of children,De Lisa hind to the crowd。
“Who is……Just talking??”
De Lisa swears this child,These children have just been released,There is a small child is still afraid,I don’t dare to contact De Lisa’s gaze。
On the side of Qi Ya, I saw the people in the crowd.,She stared at Xilin intuition to tell her.,The person who just said that the anti-talk is the girl with long hair.。
There are many children who have just described Lussea Lisa.,Qi Yana can live yourself,Can you argue with the girl now?。
Qi Yana knows that he is the most stupid,If it is noisy,Will affect my aunt’s work。