Like Gao Baoyi“elegant”Man,Amina Yuz is a first time。

“Man,Send a princess to rest,No command,No one can disturb anyone。”
Gao Boyi big hand,Two proletters will take A Shi Naz.。
“This is also a hot salad。”
Gao Boyi smashed the temple,Some helpless sigh。Turkic princess,Noble,It doesn’t matter,But it is not much meant.。
Compared to these broken things,He is planning,It is the influence of your own fate.,Influencing the Qi Dang Political Bureau,Even the big things that affect the era!A woman in a heteroplast counts it?。A small leak will sink a great ship!
“Alang,Message on the Jinyang,Wei Xia width burned all peripheral city villages,Shrinking the soldiers。in addition,Pu 坂 has a signs of troops。
The rhythm is asked to ask if you want to pay for the winter.。”
I heard the battle report sent by Zheng Minmin.,Gao Baoyi slightly。
“You said that Wei Xia width contracted all lines.?”
He asked in confused。
Zheng Minmin is not angry with the letter to Gao Bi Hand.:“Not me,It is said that it is said in the battle report.。”
Gao Bo Yi nodded unhappy,This Wei Xiaothi,Very difficult,Everything is done,Let your tricks can’t play!
He originally planned to let the light of the Lights in the city of Yucheng,I didn’t expect myself that I haven’t ordered it.,Wei Xia width is very“Confuse”Take all the troops back。
Fist,Savings,I hope to play more powerful.。Wei Xiaowei this trick,Not unrest,It is used in the place where it is。
Just like Gao Bao Yi Luoyang’s war before the battle of Tiger,Crane!
It is a key node in advance.,Then when the battle arrived,Goodbye。Such a coach,It’s really bad to deal with。
Wei Xia width this,It is also released a clear signal to Gao Biyi.:Luoyang Battle has ended,You have already got it.,Now in winter,Everyone goes back to wash and sleep.,Don’t be tossed。
“Your face is not good,Is there anything??”
Zheng Minmin asked,In her eyes,Gao Boyi has always been stable and savvy,Command,I rarely show like this emotion.。
“fine,It is a way。”
Gao Bao smiled and shook his head。
Think about it,Self Yu Wentai,The future generation of Wuchuan Town,Since the combination of Guanzhong Locals,It’s all talented,Also, will be kneaded?
They have no way to go through the time.,But the self-insurance is more than enough.。
Although the week is going to mention the schedule,It is not anxious to。The so-called speed is not reached,First integrate good country interior,All the opposition power in the Qing Dynasty,This is the main matter。
Gao Biyi saw Zheng Minmin actually did not go。
“I sent people to remind……Ask when and when I received me into the room。”
Zheng Minmin has some helplessness and a little shy.。
These old slides!
“I can’t open a bad head.。This is very simple.,Now you urge,Instead, it becomes complicated.。”Gao Bao shook his head,Clearly refused。