Star charging volunteer firefighter: guarding each charging pile

  People’s Network Chongqing On August 30, in recent years, with the rapid development of the new energy automotive industry, the use of new energy vehicles has also gradually attached to social attention.

Recently, Chongqing Xingxing charged the "voluntary firefighter" activity, and the new energy car owners training related fire protection knowledge.It is understood that once the new energy vehicle is angry, the temperature will rise sharply, and the flame temperature can reach thousands of flame temperatures for about 3 minutes.The new energy vehicle fire has the characteristics of the difficulty of treatment, long fire, and faster combustion.Huang Zhen, general manager of Chongqing Star Charging: "This" volunteer firefighters "activities can take the first time warning by recruiting new energy owners training related firefighting knowledge, playing the first time warning, evacuating the role of surrounding vehicles and people as soon as possibleGuard every charging station, guarding the city fire protection.