2025, Shandong residents of long-term care insurance to achieve full coverage

Original title: 2025, Shandong residents of long-term care insurance to achieve full coverage of August 30, the provincial government Information Office held a press conference on the recently issued "Shandong Province, the development of the cause of health care" Fourteen five "plan" (hereinafter referred to as "plan") to interpret. Long-term care insurance is an innovative system, which is guaranteed by the basic livelihood of disability care and related health care services. Long-term care insurance is an important institutional arrangements to actively respond to the aging population. Disease increase with age, the elderly, physical degradation, many older people lose the ability of daily life, requires appropriate institutional arrangements, not only to protect the health care needs of disabled people, but also to guarantee their basic living needs.

  Provincial Director of Medical Insurance Bureau treatment guarantee Teamwork, in accordance with the "planning" requirement of "steady progress in long-term care insurance pilot system, build long-term care insurance Qilu models", will focus on promoting the work in four areas. One is to promote the long-term care classification system construction.

Establish a comprehensive long-term care insurance system in 16 city employees on the basis of 2021 will establish a long-term care insurance system of provincial employees.

At present, the province has formed a Medical Insurance Bureau and the provincial Department of Finance program will start this year, the provincial workers long-term care insurance, long term care insurance the first to achieve full coverage of workers. Residents of long-term care insurance steadily, play Jinan, Qingdao and other cities leading role model to guide other city actively carry out long-term care insurance system pilot residents, 2025 residents of long-term care insurance efforts to achieve full coverage. The second is to optimize the long-term care insurance funding structure.

According to "CPC Shandong Provincial Committee of Shandong Provincial People’s Government to implement the CPC Central Committee and State Council on deepening the reform of the views of the medical insurance system" provides perfect long-term care insurance units and individuals, financial assistance, donations and other multi-channel financing mechanisms, actively expand financing channels to ensure the sustainable development of long-term care insurance, lay the foundation for an independent insurance. Third, establish a sound management system standard service. In 2020, Shandong Province conclusion of the pilot, the first to develop a "long-term care insurance management and services General", "long-term care insurance disability rating staffing needs" two local standard of care.

2021, will be formulated "designated care institutions to manage and service evaluation norms", "designated care services care services management standards", "caregiver service skills specification" three local standards, to speed up the formation of different disability levels and care model management service standards, improve service management standardization level. Fourth, to enhance long-term care services supply capacity. Together with relevant departments focus disabled elderly long-term care, professional development of qualified personnel, improve the pension service-related subsidies to accelerate and promote the development of nursing industry. Shandong guidance Medicare Medical College first, commercial insurance, long term care institutions training of employees, improve disability assessment, care service capabilities.

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