Agricultural Development Anyuan County Branch: "Three Strengthening" Do a good job in online banking promotion

In order to practice the "customer-centered" service concept, you can enjoy more secure, convenient financial services, so that the Agricultural Development Anyuan County Branch has continued to strengthen online banking promotion and service work, and strive to improve electronic payment Service level, enhance customer satisfaction.

Strengthen publicity of guests and broaden online banking customers. The leaders of the line, the customer manager, and the counter jointly cooperate with targeted online banking marketing.

First, actively dock the old customers. The counter personnel and customer managers determine the customer’s activity and fund settlement demand, the customer manager and the leadership leaders communicate, coordinate the target customers, and actively market the old customers who have not opened the online banking, have opened online banking customers. Use the bank’s batch transfer function to issue wages.

The second is to actively market new customers. When the counter personnel issued an online banking brochure and introduce the online banking function to the customer, so that the customer understands the safety and convenience of the online banking payment.

Strengthen employee training and improve customer service efficiency.

The organizational accumulation and renewal of the organizational counter, keeping with the system upgrade, learning online banking, and can solve the problem encountered in online banking in time while understanding the system operation. Strengthen the customer service and improve customer satisfaction. When the customer receives the online banking USBKEY, the customer will conduct the first login operation. After the successful landing, the relevant page introduces the relevant functional sector and the operating precautions. Timely follow-up the customer’s installation schedule, and actively go door to install guidance for customers who appear online banking installation issues. For the timely review of the transferred audit, it is necessary to communicate with the problems that the client appear in the use of online banking. (Zhang Shuqin) (Editor: Qiu Wei, Shuai) Sharing let more people see.