Continue to struggle, achieve a small Kang dream

Original title: Continue to struggle, realize the 16th National Congress of Xiaokang Dream Party is the first National Congress held in the new century.

The goal of "comprehensive construction of a well-off society" proposed by the General Assembly has further specified the forward direction for the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The concept of "Xiaokang" appeared in the "Book of Songs, Da Ya, People’s Labor": "The people are also labor, and they can be well-off.

"In the literature in the past, there are many descriptions, and the meaning is also much change, but it can be determined that" Xiaokang "has reflected the life of the Chinese people in poverty in the future. The year. At the beginning of the reform and opening up, Deng Xiaoping first used "Xiaoyang" to interpret Chinese style modernization. Under the leadership of the party, we took a good job, and a stick took a good results.

The "hungry" problem of the people, the problem of warmth, the problem, the overall well-off problem is solved.

  In 2002, the party’s 16th National Congress officially announced: "After the joint efforts of all parties and the people of all ethnic groups, we win the first step in modern construction ‘three-step" strategy, the second step, the people’s life is generally Reach well level. "

However, this well-off is still a low level, uncomfortable, and unbalanced well-off.

The 16th National Congress of the Party profoundly analyzed the new situation of the new situation facing our party and the state, clearly put forward the important strategic opportunity during the first two decades of this century, and concentrated power to build a higher construction benefits. A well-off society in the horizontal, and the goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way from the economic, political, cultural, etc. The goal of building a well-off society is in line with the actual situation of my country’s national conditions and modernization, in line with the people’s desire. It is very important to make this goal, which is very important to condense the heart, inspiring ambition, and accelerate the socialist modernization of my country. The Top Struggle of the Top 16th National Congress is the goal of the struggle of the well-off society, is a goal with the spirit of the times, and has a Chinese characteristic; it is true that it is practical, practical, and inspiring people, and urgent goals. Under this goal, the modernization of socialism with Chinese characteristics will be successfully advanced.

At the same time, the party’s understanding of the goal of building a well-off society is also deepening. In 2012, the party’s 18th National Congress has earnestly summed up the achievements and experience of the past five years and ten years of development, and further adjustment of the strategic goal of building a well-off society in an all-round way, "proposed" to 2020 to achieve comprehensive completion The grand goal of a well-off society. " At the 19th National Congress of the Party, General Secretary Xi Jinping fully analyzed the new situation and new requirements of socialism into the new era of Chinese characteristics, and proposed that from now on 2020, it is "comprehensive construction of a well-off society", to persevere Make efforts to ensure that the comprehensive construction of a well-off society as the first hundred years of struggle is achieved as scheduled. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, I will never forget the beginning of the party, keep in mind the mission, unity and unity and lead to the whole party, and create innovation. It is striving for the promotion of the party and the country. The decisive achievements of the establishment of a well-off society. my country is not only a second largest economy in the world, not only in the world’s second largest economy, but also gets larger.

"Xiaokang is not well-off, the key to see the old township." At the same time, the national people’s living standards are also increasing, and the dream of Xiaokang in thousands of years is a reality.

  Special Researcher, China Characteristic Socialist Ideological Research Center, Xi Jinping, Beijing, China (Editor: Liu Yuanyuan, Zhao Jing).