A touch of chrysanthemum protects life

Original title: A chrysanthemum protective life has been engaged in medical work for decades. Zhang Juxiang led the team to create a miracle of life again and again.

She took the lead in forming the first elderly sick hospital in Liaoning Province to take care of the old Red Army. After retirement, she formed a "Chrysanthemum Love Team" to a free clinic in remote areas to create a "Labor Innovation Studio" to help more people in the society. Essence To be responsible for the party and never "retire" for the people, it is her mission that she has always adhered to. "Serving the people without an end" was drunk in April, and during the spring of the world. A war "epidemic" that participated in the whole people continued.

In Shenyang, Liaoning, at this time in previous years, Zhang Juxiang had already taken her love team on the way to the free clinic. Right now, the new coronary pneumonia’s epidemic has made the free clinic have to slow down. The physical health of those elderly patients has always kept her relieved. She also missed whether the epidemic prevention supplies of the rural hospitals were sufficient. "I am an old party member who has never served the people. I have to keep the rear even if I ca n’t go to the front line to do what they can do for fighting the epidemic.

"Although it is the year of ,, Zhang Juxiang, the honorary dean of Jinqiu Hospital, Liaoning Province, still adheres to his favorite medical post and interprets the dedication and dedication of a Communist Party member. In 2020, the epidemic of the new crown pneumonia is suddenly here. From a video, Zhang Juxiang saw that rural duty personnel wore homemade minimally protective clothes for villagers’ body temperature. In addition to distressed, her mind could not help but show the villages where the free clinic was carried out in these years. , Medical gloves, protective clothing and other epidemic prevention materials. Starting from the third day of the New Year, Zhang Juxiang and team members raised epidemic prevention materials through various channels to make alcohol cotton balls and print propaganda materials.

The supply of masks and protective clothing is tight, and she searches for overtime to rush to control; express delivery, and she and the team members are looking for special channels to transport.

In those days, Zhang Juxiang’s unprecedented office became a temporary warehouse for epidemic prevention.

Soon, a group of medical supplies were successively sent to 16 township health centers in Baoya Township, Tieling County, Cai Niu Town, Tieling County, and sheepfang town in Panshan County. , 100 pieces of thermometers, 1,000 protective gloves, and 110 bottles made of cotton balls made of 30 pounds of 75%alcohol.

In addition, Zhang Juxiang and the love team also personally sent a "protective gift package" for more than 40 elderly people over 85 years old in Shenyang, including masks, gloves, disinfection of handwashing, alcohol cotton balls, and protective epidemic.

"At that time, I gave it a whole day and couldn’t care about lunch, but I felt that everything was worth it, and I was particularly motivated." Zhang Juxiang told reporters pleased that her WeChat has been collected by everyone so far everyone has sent everyone sent by everyone. Thanks: "Sending charcoal in the snow …" "There is a name in the history of Liaoning’s anti -epidemic …" Let the elderly enjoy the happy time to understand Zhang Juxiang, and always say that she has a tenacious toughness. In 1993, an old clinic building that was not overwhelmed and electric, 1 old -fashioned B -ultrasound, 5 hearts of electrocomputers, 6 foot -footed sputum absorbers, and 8 blood pressure meters. It was the beginning of the establishment All the family. The difficulties did not scare Zhang Juxiang, but instead aroused her fighting spirit. With 126 medical staff, she embarked on the long journey of building Jinqiu Hospital, a "home of the elderly". Starting from the preparation of the establishment of the hospital, led the team, got up early, and worked hard. By 2013, Zhang Juxiang retired from the post of dean. Open the true feelings that can’t be opened to patients.

"At the Jinqiu Hospital, some inpatient patients do not know their family members, but they recognize me. I and they are even more kissed than their family!" Zhang Juxiang admits, "treating patients as loved ones" is simple, but it is not easy to really achieve it. thing.

The elderly who are over 70 years old celebrate their birthday and send their birthday cakes; the New Year is here, send dumplings to the elderly; give meals and meals, boil Chinese medicine, and buy daily necessities for the elderly in the field; The old Red Army made nutritional meals … In the face of those dependent eyes, Zhang Juxiang always responded to extraordinary patience, so that they always felt the warmth of the home. In early 1996, Zhang Juxiang found that the elderly living in the Beiling area were inconvenient to see a doctor. She raised a special bus to purchase a special car and received the patients to the hospital every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Since the opening of the bus, as long as there is no business, Zhang Juxiang will take the bus to the community to pick up the elderly with the bus with medicine and blood pressure meter.

Over the years, more than 100,000 passengers have been delivered to patients.

For decades, she has never had a rest or holiday in her timetable. Each emergency of critical patients came to the scene to conduct the on -site conductor for the first time, creating a miracle of life after another. Starting from the first patient and the old Red Army Deng Yu in 1982, to the 106 -year -old Red Army Wu Jian and the 100 -year -old old Red Army Zhang Cai in September 2020, Zhang Juxiang made every effort to protect the party and the country’s "valuable wealth. "She provided health care services for 58 old Red Army and nearly 100 centenarians, and always cared about them, let them feel the care of the party and the government, and enjoy the happy time of Jinqiu. "During the war, they rushed forward. In his later years, he came to Jinqiu Hospital with injuries in his later years.

"Zhang Juxiang, born in 1938, witnessed how the motherland moved from suffering to strong. She knew that today’s trainers were exchanged for their lives with their lives. The respect of the elderly is all integrated into the work. People have developed. Now Zhang Juxiang is also 84 years old, but she has never enjoyed a leisurely retirement life. Human health dedicated his light and heat.

After sending a healthy gospel retirement for more people, Zhang Juxiang still did not stop serving the patients.

She served as the honorary dean of Jinqiu Hospital and formed the first expert volunteer service team of the Liaoning Provincial Medical System- "Juxiang Love Team" and founded the "Modeling Innovation Studio" to help more people in need.

"When it was formed, 181 volunteers joined, including 33 chief physicians and subject leaders.

"Zhang Juxiang told reporters that the" Juxiang Love Team "uses holidays or rest time to conduct at least once a monthly free consultation and health knowledge lectures to send medical services to the door of the people’s house and hoe. On March 5, 2019," The Chu Xiang’s love team came to Luoquangou Village, Ten Fangxiang Township, Faku County.

"Maybe when she heard the voice, she came out of the house with a crutch, standing in the yard and waiting for us to look forward to us.

"Zhang Juxiang said that the old man named Gao Kuiying, who was anti -US and aid the martyrs’ widow and blind eyes. Whenever Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Spring Festival, the love team brought festive gifts and condolences to visit her. While healthy poverty alleviation," "Juxiang’s love team" also solved many practical problems for Luoquangou Village. A free clinic was catching up with pouring rain. The players found that the village roads were muddy, and villagers went in and out of "Da Ni Tang" wearing rain boots.

After returning to the city, Zhang Juxiang immediately reported to the relevant departments that after investigation in the province, a brand new asphalt road was laid for Luoquangou Village. The villagers named it "Golden Autumn Road". Road, rich road. Where there is need, where to go. In the past 8 years, the "Chu Xiang Love Team" has been unobstructed, and has traveled to the rural, street communities, college colleges and social welfare institutions in 14 cities in Liaoning Province. Nearly 60,000 free consultations are trained to train more than 1,300 rural medical staff. The condolences equal to more than 550,000 yuan.

Team members often set off at 6 o’clock in the morning, and returned to the hospital at seven or eight in the evening. They worked for 13 or four consecutive hours. They were often too busy to eat, but they took their responsibility and help others.

In Zhang Juxiang’s eyes, the "Chu Xiang Love Team" inherits a spirit of dedication.

Today, more than 100 medical backbones have joined the love team. In the future, she will continue to lead everyone to the grassroots, serve patients in remote areas with rich clinical medical experience, and send health gospel to more people. Sang Yu was full of sunset, and the true feelings reflected the sunset. To this day for the party and people’s medical care, Zhang Juxiang has won honorary titles such as national labor models, outstanding national members of the country, and eighth national moral model. Trust with the people. (Responsible editor: Wang Keyuan, Song Meiqi).