[Take advantage of a woman’s potential and you will enjoy it completely]

[Take advantage of a woman’s potential and you will enjoy it completely]

Women often pay more attention to “pain during intercourse” for their first sex.

Men must let women know how they feel loved.

At the same time, choosing a comfortable location environment can also allow her to be more open during sex.

To understand the characteristics of a woman’s body and to stimulate her sexual potential, you can enjoy your intimate sex time.

How to explore the sexual potential of women?

Point 1 For the first time, a girl is in love for the first time. After knowing about men and women, she began to imagine what would happen to her “first time”?

First of all, the fear of “painless for the first time” is far more dominant than “comfortable for the first time”.

Among the women surveyed, 75% of them felt terrible, “very nervous, almost finished without entering”, “the foreplay is too short, the insertion is not smooth”, “cannot get the climax”; “hope quicklyIt ‘s a little cold, is n’t it sex? ”. Well, the first experience of sex is really difficult to say.

But it does n’t matter, it ‘s the “first time”, which one is the top student. At this time, the first thing you need to do is to eliminate the fear of sex and learn to explore your body.

You know, you are each other’s “sex toy”, you need time to find the switch on your body, take a moment, take your time, don’t worry.

With the increase in the number of sex, I believe we will be able to enjoy all this better.

note Eliminate the psychological fear, and don’t be too violent for the first time, it is best to pierce the hymen with the slightest strength.

At this point, you can learn about the male character in “Love in the Cholera”. In order to eliminate his wife’s fear of intercourse, he deliberately made his wife appreciate her “That Word” for one night without going to the house.

Women who love for the first time are more focused on the feeling of being loved, and have more spiritual requirements.

Gentle movements made her feel satisfied, too rushing movements made her feel uncomfortable and even painful.

Do not play the “first time” of women with new tricks at the beginning, it is best to start using only the common sex methods. Alternative sex methods may make women feel scared or disgusted.

Wait until there are more sex between the two, then slowly play tricks.

In addition, the location of the first sex should be as comfortable as possible, which can better eliminate the nervousness of women and be more open during sex.