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[How to make ice cream puree?

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In any season, there is a kind of food that can be eaten. This kind of food is even loved by adults, and children like it even more.

Especially in the hot summer, if you do n’t eat a little every day, you feel like your body is going to burn. This kind of food refers to ice cream.

There are many types of ice cream and many flavors, so the question comes, how to make ice cream puree?

First of all, prepare the required materials. The black cloth plum jam is made with a bread machine. It is very delicate and fragrant. The whipped cream is distributed to 7 and it is frozen in the refrigerator in advance so it is good to beat.

Then, before making ice cream, the ice cream bucket must be refrigerated for at least 12 hours before being taken out, and the mixed ice cream solution must be frozen to 0-10 degrees and then poured into the bucket to make it. Then add white sugar and stirEvenly, add the black cloth plum jam, stir with a hand whisk, and put the mixed materials in the refrigerator to freeze to 0-15 degrees, no longer flowing.

Then, install the stirring leaves of the ice cream bucket, pour the frozen ice cream liquid into the bucket, cover the bucket lid, put the ice cream bucket into the holder of the bread machine, close the bread machine lid, and select menu 11IMIXPress the start button for 20 minutes.

Then, the ice cream is very soft and fluffy after you finish it, and then you can dig it out and eat it, and then put it in the refrigerator to freeze it for a bit longer.

Finally, the ice cream bucket must be frozen in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours in advance; the prepared ice cream solution must be frozen at 0-10 degrees before stirring; the jam can be replaced with any jam and fruit puree you like.