[Can pregnant women eat fruit corn]_Fruit corn_Pregnancy_Can you eat

[Can pregnant women eat fruit corn]_Fruit corn_Pregnancy_Can you eat

Corn is a kind of coarse grain, and its nutritional value is very high. Whether it is boiled corn or corn paste, it tastes very sweet and delicious.

It is understood that corn is rich in vitamins and calcium, so corn also has health care effects.

And fruit corn is a kind of corn, which is usually cooked to eat more fresh and sweet, so can pregnant women eat it?

Can pregnant women eat fruit corn?

It is better for pregnant women to eat a small amount of proper corn during pregnancy, because everyone’s physical fitness is different, and the natural digestion process is also different.

Eating more corn is not good for digestion, and it is not good for food and pregnant women.

Therefore, pregnant women should not eat too much corn.

Efficacy and role of corn (1) Very high vitamin content Corn contains a lot of nutrition and health care substances. In addition to carbohydrates, proteins, trace amounts, and carotene, corn also contains riboflavin and other nutrients.

Experts compared the nutritional value and health care indicators of various staple foods such as corn, rice, and wheat, and found that the vitamin content in corn is very high.
10 times, and the nutritional value of special corn is higher than ordinary corn.

For example, the content of protein, vegetable oil and vitamins in sweet corn is higher than that of ordinary corn?
2 times, the “element of life” selenium content is 8?
10 times, among the 17 kinds of amino acids contained, there are more than 13 kinds of ordinary corn.
(2) The calcium content is close to that of dairy products. Scientific testing confirms that every 100 grams of corn can provide nearly 300 mg of calcium, which is almost the same as the calcium contained in dairy products.

Rich in calcium can lower cholesterol.

If you take 1 gram of calcium daily, blood pressure can be reduced by 9% after 6 weeks, and the plant cellulose in corn can accelerate the excretion of carcinogens and other toxicants.

(3) Vitamin E delays the nutritional value of debilitating old corn. The natural vitamin E contained in it can promote cell division, delay aging, and prevent skin diseases. It can eliminate arteriosclerosis and brain function degradation.

(4) Enhance human brain and memory Corn contains lutein, zeaxanthin can fight against eye aging, stimulate brain cells, and enhance human brain and memory.