Yu Wen is always living together with Queen,Mother and child feel very deep。on the contrary,Because Yu Wenzhao is fostered in Li Xian family for many years,So it is quite alienated with the feelings of the Sino.,More is a kind of“Can’t get it forever”status。

Yu Wenyi hopes that the mother cares more,And 叱 叱 氏 则 文 邕,It’s indifferent to your feelings.,Unprotir。
Just like the old mother in the home,More likes to have no birth, but the mouth of the mouth is the same,People feel。
“Mother,Brother, he would rather hand it to Yu Wenxian’s monk.,I am willing to give me this brother.。Is it that Yu Wenxian is still close than me??”
Yu Wen is angry and is incompatible to the slave。
NS1109chapter Horror(middle)
I sent a big complaint between Sino.,Yu Wen lives with it。What is 叱 叱 不 不 大 女 女,I also know,In general things,I don’t care if I am biased with Yu Wen.。
However, on the top of the military country,It’s better to shut up。And now Yu Wen’s authority is over a day.,This is the Queen this,If others give face,At that time, you will lose your face.。
This kind of thing is not。So, no matter how 文 直,Finally, the slave is full of laughing.,Until the other party left。
Kinger is not a mother,叱 叱,Yu Wen is probably a heart-blooded,Waiting for the past,After all, the days are still long.,Governance,More than half still have to travel at home。
Yu Wen is still reused sooner or later,Don’t be too much more。
叱 叱 has promised Yu Wen,This year’s first summer,Yu Wenxi will go to Ganquan Palace to take the summer(Changan summer dry hot),At that time, she will talk to Yu Wen.。
The latter will only leave。
“Hey,Ask you something。”
When walking on the road,Yu Wenzhi will call the left and right。Saying is a plot,In fact, it is also on the side of the road.,If you don’t say anything is ear?。Compared with Yu Wenzhao’s teenager,Yu Wen straight personality,It is only a real juvenile Lang.。
It seems to be the midst of those roads.,Not afraid of whatbBrother,Airplane brother,Haoan brother, what,But the most fear that the half-child who haven’t graduated from junior high school。
The front of the big brother,Belong to“Can be communicated”Character,The behind“Semi-big children”,Belong to“Cannot communicate”A class of people。
This kind of person,Once anger,They don’t have an email,It’s easy to kill people。For example, the big brother of those black,Holding a knife is“cut”,The cut is not easy to hack the dead.,Most people will hack people。
And these half of children,Most of the knife is used“prick”,Piercing into the abdomen,Strong people can’t hold。
Yu Wen is like this“Semi-big children”,Bias,He is still a more respectful,There is also a half-child of a certain power!
The owner is like this,The servants under his hand,It is also a flying 扈 扈。Do you want to say that Yu Wenzhao has a vision?,Yu Wenyi and Yu Wenchen sent Li Xian’s foster,I have become the talents of the pillars.。
And the mother of the mother,Raise Yu Wen straight so。
“Yu Wenxian likes where,How can I kill him??”
Yu Wen Denyin。
Yu Wenzhen is his pro-brother,Emperor,Naturally, I can’t do it.,And elbows also play thighs。But Yu Wenxian“Bi Po”,Then it is completely different.。
Yu Wenxian mother is not very good,So often can’t be seen by some people.,This is quite normal。Yu Wen is the most unhappy,In particular, I heard that Yu Wenqi did not marry the Jubi Princess A Shizza.,Actually by the Yu Wenxian。
This is simply letting him get a mad!
Woman,Yu Wen is not lacking。but,A Shizhazuz is the friend of the wooden pole.,The whole body is all gold!
What can this be the same??
Y Wenxian He Eneng?
“Prince,Yu Wenxian,I really like it’s okay to go to the Weihe River.。Be better than us……”
A mess,For Yu Wen, I didn’t have a movement of my neck.。
“like,It’s a bit too cheap.。It is better to play the Turkic Princess for two days.?”
Yu Wenzhi asked something。
This kind of scared his kindness is almost the soul.!
Have a arrogant,I have never seen such arrogant。Missing Yu Wenxian is still troublesome,Why don’t you go to the emperor??
No one dares to pick up,Because whoever picks up,Who will go“work”Man。