Wang Youcai discovered,This woman stood up slightly higher than him。Women have this height,Can be considered a big man。

The teahouse across the road is also newly opened,Wang Youcai took Huying in as soon as,Where the boss greeted him personally,Arranged the best private room for Wang Youcai。These business people,The brain is very smart。Because he has seen,This tea will definitely not be a treat by Wang Youcai。
Into the private room,Huh Ying took off her trench coat,She took off this dress,The proud figure is all revealed。Since entering this room,Wang Youcai’s eyes have been sweeping around on the person’s body。This is Wang Youcai’s biggest problem。
The waiter makes a pot198Yuan’s good tea,And asked them what pastries they had。Without waiting for Wang Youcai to speak,Cuiying ordered several plates of the most expensive pastry here。A meal of tea actually consumed more than 300 yuan。
Wang Youcai wanted to be a guest,I didn’t expect Huoying to tell Xiao Wang:“You go downstairs and settle the bill,Then go to which big pharmacy in the west of the city,Ask if their boss is back”
Cuiying, this is to help Xiao Wang,Wang Youcai is stupid,But he knows everything in his heart。
Wait for Xiao Wang to close the door and leave,Cuiying simply sits next to Wang Youcai,So he poured tea for Wang Youcai himself,Looks very intimate,It’s not like I just met。
“Urge manager!You are selling other people’s medicines,Still own a pharmaceutical factory?”Wang Youcai drank the tea that Cuiying poured him。Two eyes floated on Huying’s chest intentionally or unintentionally。
Huh hehe smiled and said:“Both have,But President Wang can rest assured,The medicine you need here,Whether it is Chinese medicine or Western medicine,I can prepare it for you,And still the lowest price”
Reminding Ying,Took her bag,I took out relevant documents related to medical sales。Wang Youcai feels annoyed when he sees these things。But in front of Huying,He has to pretend too。
Seeing Wang Youcai’s seriousness,Cuiying smiled and said:“Which old doctor has reviewed all these documents?。He didn’t think there was any problem before calling you,In fact, what we are most concerned about now is the price of all medicines”
“Ok!What you said makes sense,But this matter should not be careless。If there is a problem with the medicine,That would kill people。If something happens, you have to bear legal responsibility,So we have to strictly check”Wang Youcai treats himself like a special。
Reminding Ying to continue tea for Wang Youcai,Said with a smile:“President Wang!Actually we ran hospitals and pharmacies,A small clinic like you,We ran in Pingdu but the first one。The reason is to see that your business here is good,I think it will definitely expand in the future”
“Yo!Listening to the manager’s tone, I look down on us?I’ll tell you the truth,Which so-called big pharmacies,It’s really incomparable with me,If you don’t believe it,You’ll know when you cooperate in the future”Wang Youcai is a very competitive person,He almost wanted to report his daily turnover。
Huh Ying laughed and said:“I believe what the royal family said,Before i come to you,Have been standing in the distance for a day,That’s why I came to you with confidence today”