Chapter 51 I have something to say to you.

Han Jiang is a bit desperate,I don’t even want to fight again.。
Now this situation is the best choice,Do not say good,The more it is more wrong。
Hankong children see this home people’s attitude feels a bit boring,Originally thought that it can be seen,I am not awesome now.。
“Hanjiang, you come with me.,I have something to say to you.。”
The buds suddenly stood up,Hook the Han Jiang hook your fingers and then said to Qi Yana:“I have something to talk to him.。”
Han Jiang began to drum,What is preparing to talk??
Temperate,How to take a little abnormality。
“Come over。”Seeing Hanjiang sitting in place,The buds said again.。
“Oh!Oh!”Han Jiang quickly got up behind the buds。
Two people walked out of the cafeteria,Hankong children looked at Qi Yana smiles:“Are they male and female friends??”
She vaguely detected that two people seem to be a little meaningful to Hanjiang.,But who is the girlfriend of Hanjiang,Not very good。
Qi Yana squatted,Is Qi Yanna and buds? Is it a men and women??
They didn’t say it,But I didn’t say it.。
Then,What is the matter of the bud? I need to hand in Hanjiang alone.,Isn’t it here?? Qi Yana’s mind began to be confused,The more you think, the more chaotic。
The last shot snapped it on the table,Han Tong Tong scared hop。
“They are not male and female friends and I have anything to do!”
Hanjiang clothing and shoots two men to flee out of the gate a little bit,Base door is now open,There was a convoy by checking into the base。
“Budding,You have to say?”
Bud clothing Dizhuonaodai,Scattered on both sides of the ear hair,Fingers of both hands together hook。
Not long ago, lightning Ma asked her if she was not there like boys,At that time she said no,She lied。
Then in the cafeteria Han Tong Tong came,Bud felt the crisis clothing。
As the father said,Like a person would speak out,Otherwise, I do not know how to do。
Bud clothes take a deep breath a few breaths,Close your eyes and stamped his foot on the ground,Courage to look to the Hanjiang。“That I”
What clothes bud just say,This base mouth exploded,A truck bombing on a cargo,Instantly burn up vehicles。
“what happened!?”Hanjiang and buds clothes looked in the past,This base security point of view,Transportation of goods should not be such a low-level errors occur。
They looked to the base when the door,Next two truck cab,There are a lot of goods should lay down the number of cartons,Well-equipped soldiers body。
These uniforms and reverse entropy combat uniforms of the soldiers who completely different,There neckline at the chest has a head to tail snake logo。
“Is a world snake!”Han Rong said:“Go to the uncle, Uncle, there is Si Gafei!”
Suddenly launched a gunball from the distance landing near the two,Han Jiang hugged the buds and turned a circle,I blocked the Yu Wei for her explosion。
“Enemy attack,Enemy attack!”
“quick,Close door,Open the base defense cover!”