Han Jiang screws a long gun,Fortunately, put the red and scared。

Inaccessible,It seems that there is a dragon,Red burning flame,Like a blurred fire dragon,I hit a little bit toward the core of the barrier.。
At first, Han Jiang is just imitating the boxing tricks.,But he found his strength to support the scale of attacks.。
Since this,Then, the whole power is too fantastic sword.,Centralize the power。
Xilin’s hair,Suddenly broken a few,The air flow caused by two people is blown to the distance。
If the defensive barrier of Xilin can see,The place where Hanjiang attack was tied with a small eye.。
Burning the bond,Plus all the way to run too diffusers,Hanjiang concentrate on power attack,Actually just a small hole。
Barrier and glass,Starting cracks,Xilin waved“Glass slag”Sweep away,Inner shock。
Don’t look at Han Jiang’s rivet force seems to have only a small thing.,But don’t forget his opponent, but fully grasp the core of the core of three laws.。
not to mention,Han Jiang now seems to have physical strength,Such an attack does not completely consume Hanjiang’s attack.。
Xilin began to seriously treat Hanjiang。
She did not get the force in the moon’s remains,Wolf teamaLevel female Wushen is not her opponent,De Lisa is also in the wind。
The strength of Hanjiang,De Lisa, which is no longer one side.。
On the side of De Lisa because Hanjiang’s strength exposes an incredible expression,Such a powerful person,Why have you always have no name??
De Lisha sucks your mouth,Even if Hanjiang’s strength is strong,But you can’t continue dragging。
Qifu Fei and Sepilia have the current situation of the girl now,Only solve Xilin first。
Since Hanjiang’s strength,So……He got his own body,http://www.szsamscn.cnIt should be able to hide out“that”Range。
“You have retired,let me do it!”
Han Jiang’s recruitment is ten steps,De Lisha held Judah to take the location of Hanjiang,Be attacked。
“Judah’s vows,Zero-rated power,start up!”De Lisa smashed the Judith.。
Xilin hid this shot at will,Looking at the semi-cross-shaped in the mud,Xilin laughs,But you can’t laugh。
at the same time,Han Jiang feels the breath of threat,Fastele oil quickly retreat。
After exiting enough range,Han Jiang has a sense of lingering to De Lisa and Xilin.。
at this time,Judah’s vows have been completely launched,The golden cross in the ground has several iron chains.,Golden gears appeared in the sky,Big small and small,Form a field。
The spell flying with Tieno Mingli to Xilin,Xilin just wanted to avoid,I found that my strength seems to http://www.cl10086.cn disappear.,I watched these chains and tied themselves.。
“what happened,my power,why?”Xilin observed four weeks,Rapida is determined,Your own strength disappears for no reason,It must be the reason for that cross。
De Lisa holds a gold spear,Throw it out to Zilin。
Xilin took advantage of only a point where the spear lost,The last spear is in the thighs of Cai Lingming.。
De Lisa is in a rough,Forced to endure your body, the oppression feeling。