The 3rd "Ma Ji Cup" national college students have successfully concluded the positive energy of the campus

Exhibition site.

Baodi District Committee Propaganda Department is directed by the President of the Chinese Congyi Society. The season cup "will make a new person, new work, reflect the characteristics of the times.

In the future, the "Ma Ji Cup" will continue to create artistic style and characteristics in accordance with Mr. Maji, new work, discover new people, let the cross talks reflect the style of the times, let the cross talk become an artistic form of entertaining, the people like music, let the traditional art Combined with the new era, bring joy to the public in China’s land! Li Chong, secretary general of Tianjin Squarium, said that Tianjin has a birthplace of cross talks, and attaches great importance to the creation of new works.

We also hope that the good works that "Ma Ji Cup" participated in our cross talk creative activities, reflecting the college students’ lives, and is recommended to excellent middle-aged cross talks, inviting experts to modify and polishing, and walk On the stage, meet with the vast audience.

I want to see that they can create more and better cross-sound works.

Contribute to the prosperity of the cross talk.

Zhang Meijun, deputy secretary general of Tianjin Normal University, said that university is an important carrier of cultural inheritance innovation, and campus culture is an important part of social culture. Hope culture, education, and curved world, etc., etc. continue to jointly increase the systemization of college students, and extend to basic education.

I hope that more college students have based in China, constantly enhance their feet, eye, mental, pen, and create more quality efforts to dedicate to the people.

Wang Bin, Dean of Tianjin Institute of Science and Technology, said that Tianjin University of Beijing University of Science and Technology has always attached great importance to the construction of campus culture. Since the establishment of the school, combined with the actual situation of students, carry out colorful and flexible form of campus cultural activities, and make filial piety Campus culture, help students with morality of morality.

The interposition art provides a new opportunity for our campus culture construction. The college will explore excellent brand cultural activities with cross-sounding artistics, and further enrich the campus culture. It is understood that in recent years, Baodi District has seized the unique advantages of Tianjin cross talk, review, Jingdong drum, etc. Interpretation, national evaluation of the Grand Theater Youth Actors TV Exhibition, National Jingdong Drum Art Festival and other cultural brand activities. Liu Yaxiu said that we have made a good brand cultural activity as an important measure to improve the quality of cultural supply, to meet the people’s new expectations to enhance the people’s feelings, as a firm cultural confidence, help promote cultural strength, cultural strength The powerful measures to build a national and even international cultural brands, making it a grand event to showcase cultural charm, promote economic development, cohesive development power, and empower urban cultural soft power. (Editor: Sun Yifan, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.