Daqing: The village is beautiful, the peasant is happy.

"Collecting garbage, collecting garbage." Every morning, in the villages in Zhaoyuan County, he can hear such a sound reminder. The cleaning staff drives the garbage collection car, collecting the villagers to classify the good garbage in advance.

This is a microcosm of the rural domestic garbage governance in Zhaoyuan County. In order to make the village, the residential classification, village collection, township transportation, county terminal treatment, and 137 sorting centers, a garbage disposal station, bidding and purchase Cleaning equipment such as cars, transport vehicles, garbage bins and trash can promote the "export" of garbage.

There are 16 towns and towns in the county, and 135 administrative villages have established urban management or cleaning team. The village cleaning staff reached 732, and the public space cleaning is fully covered; in the garbage terminal treatment, the county government introduces third-party enterprises. The whole process is responsible for the operation of the transport system, and has raised more than 4,200 yuan for funds, and fully promote the construction of rural domestic garbage governance system. As of now, the transport of transport garbage is 110 tons, the utilization rate is 100%. Zhaoyuan County became one of the 10 demonstration counties of rural domestic garbage governance in the province.

Daqing City has always attached importance to the environmental remediation of rural people, and the municipal government held a special meeting for deployment, and the city and county established a job school, and highly promoted the environmental remediation of rural people. The Municipal Agricultural Rural Area took the lead in formulating the "25" of the village environment, paying close attention to the problem, and realized the neat in the village.

In the first half of the year, Daqing City Rural Human Environmental Remediation has launched a peasant mass to participate in 10,000 people, and use a clean vehicle. According to the management system, there is a management team, there is a facility equipment, the fundamental guarantee, the "five" goals of the award and punishment measures, the city’s counties and districts continue to strengthen the investment in the village environment governance.

Honggang District puts more than 750,000 yuan for the village cleaning and improvement infrastructure; the first batch of 4 million yuan in the Longfeng District established urban and rural integrated cleaning mechanism; Zhayuan County, Datong District, Linadian, Durbert actively explored Urban and rural integration or introduce property management.

In addition, the municipal residential construction department organized the county to declare the bonds of 3.74 million yuan, used in rural domestic garbage compost pilots; the city’s ecological environmental departments organized counties and district declaration bonds 19.65 million yuan, used in rural sewage treatment facilities construction. All relevant counties and departments are also tight around the "5 + 1 + 1" work tasks, and promote the "multi-regularity" village planning, Wuyuan County has completed two evaluation and urban development border trial work, Lindian County, Zhangzhou County, Durbert has launched the preparation task; formulated the "Measures for the Effectiveness Appraisal of Rural Domestic Waste Governance in Daqing City" and "Letter on Further Carrying Water Sewage and Black Sinking Work" continue to carry out rural domestic garbage and black Solar water governance ensures that the ecological lifestyle environment continues to improve. (Reporter Cui Yixin) (Editor: Wang Si Di, Wang Yan) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.